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18th November 2009, 01:07 AM
cooper is now 3 months old. for the past two weeks he has been doing alot of scratching, tail chasing, feet nibbling and has twice yelped and jerked around to his bottom for no apparent reason. he also gets nervous sometimes and jumps at things that are not there and runs to me to be picked up. everyone is telling me to stop being paranoid and let the puppy be a puppy, but from reading up on these conditions im very concerned and it niggles at me. i love my little guy and would do what i can for him.
his glands have been recently emptied, and he is wormed so i dont think he is sore in his bottom. otherwise he is bright, naughty and hyperactive all the time ! and very clever. my own vet seems to be happy enough with him but i dont think she is very farmiliar with sm/cm as she offered very little information when i broached the subject.
can anyone reccomend somewhere in dublin, that would be farmiliar with these conditions to get him screened or looked at? :thnku:

18th November 2009, 01:34 AM
Yes: see Fintan at Blanchardstown Animal Hospital (see anicare.ie for location and numbers).

Most likely you really have nothing to be concerned about. But those behaviours have some source -- it may be something simple like rabbit mites or flea dermatitis or some mild allergy. Fintan has referred several cavaliers over to UCD for MRIs as needed and is good at spotting suspect cases but also good at eliminating other options first. But a puppy running to be picked up is pretty normal, as is some tail chasing (they generally just grow out of that) etc. If it is worrying you then by all means go in and talk to him.

18th November 2009, 01:48 AM
thanks karlin thats a help, its good to know a good place to take him blanchards town is no problem.
its really the yelping and scratching i guess that i hate to see the most but your post has helped thank you, im up that way every few weeks so if it continues or worsens i will look into it :)