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18th November 2009, 03:20 PM
Crossposting! :)

Hi everyone,

*************************PERMISSION IS GRANTED TO CROSS-POST!

I would greatly appreciate your kindness by forwarding to any and all
cavalier e-mail lists, cavalier groups, club secretaries, etc.

I have designed some new digital painting images for Christmas items and
uploaded them to Cafepress.com. My goal is to help fundraise for health
initiatives and ALL proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards health grants.
Please find the new designs at:


I was putting the finishing touches on the shop when I received an e-mail
(this morning) from CafePress announcing a 3-day sale on Christmas
ornaments. It looks like it also applies to the Christmas cards (but not the
coasters as far as I can tell?)

I don't really completely understand the workings of CafePress but the
items do not show at the sale price at the store "Cavalierlove" yet if you
search "cavalier" and then request "new additions", the CAVALIERLOVE items show
up at 25% off.

So if you see something you like at the CAVALIERLOVE store and wish to
purchase, go back to the search engine on the main Cafepress page and search
for "cavalier" and then search "new additions" to find the "CAVALIERLOVE"
(and other regular Cafepress) items at 25% off for the next 3 days. Maybe
the perfect time to shop for that special Holiday gift for your cavalier
fancier friends.... I hope so!

Thank you in advance for your consideration of a purchase in support of
this fundraiser.

Gerri Pryor Carter