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22nd November 2009, 09:09 PM
we are all preparing for the big event: the last big heelwork to music competition in 2009,:):) and looking forward to it very much!

Richard Curtis from UK will be over to be head judge, and do a 2-day heelwork to music seminar afterwards.

bella and i will do our 'The Maid on the Shore' heelwork routine, music by John Renbourn
sienna has a lovely little program to Donovan's 'Jennifer Juniper'
and frida and i will gallop across the ring as a sort of musketeers to the music from a danish tv-film 'Gøngehøvdingen'.

last but hopefully not least bella and i are in a quartett with our friends marianne (human) and blondie (cavalier) to the 'Pink Panther Theme'.
i have made pink sequin tops for us, we use 'golden' magnifying glasses and the girls are finding big pink diamonds at the end!
i look so much forward to this!

if it is fimled i will try to upload to youtube. try....icon_blshing

please wish us luck.....:)

22nd November 2009, 09:13 PM
Good luck with the competition, and I do so hope it is filmed. I would love to see it on youtube.

22nd November 2009, 09:32 PM
:xfngr:Good luck to you all, what a busy schedule!!
Hope you can get some pics :)

22nd November 2009, 09:48 PM
Yes, absolutely make sure that your events are filmed so that we can see you and your beautiful girls!
Very best of luck!

22nd November 2009, 09:52 PM
Sending you many good luck wishes. Really hope we will be able to see your routines... Have fun !!!!!

23rd November 2009, 12:49 AM
Good luck Renate. I am really hoping that the event gets filmed because I'm dying to see it.

23rd November 2009, 06:00 AM
Good luck, sounds like so much fun for you and the girls. Hope that it is filmed so we all can enjoy.;)

26th November 2009, 03:30 AM
Richard Curtis is amazing! You must feel very fortunate having him as a judge. Will he be giving a seminar as well?

We have our fingers and paws crossed that everything will go well. I know you will have a great time.

I do so hope we get to see your routines this time.

26th November 2009, 08:50 AM
indeed i feel fortunate!
i am looking very much forward to the event.:D

he will give a seminar sunday and monday, after having seen our performances.

26th November 2009, 10:11 AM
I won't wish you luck Ren, you don't need it, I think you could win :cool:

26th November 2009, 10:46 AM
Have a great time and just do what you do so well.

I took Minnie to a Richard Curtis workshop a couple of weeks ago and it was just amazing:smile:

26th November 2009, 11:42 AM
thank you, Pauline:hug:i'll try to remember your kind words when we are in the middle of it all !

29th November 2009, 06:52 PM
dear friends, it worked!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

we all had a wonderful day, lots and lots of fun and made off with 5 prizes!

sienna won 1st in HTM1 with her Jennifer Juniper routineb*n*n*

and best finishing pose in the whole competition. (she reverses around me twice, backs up between my feet and we bow simultaneously. she looks very, very cute doing this)

frida won 1st in HTM2

bella won 3rd in HTM3, the toughest class.

and bella, marianne, blondie and I won the 6+ class (more than 6 feet on the ground) with very goood marks and comments.

no picutres or videovlipas yet, but will certainly come....

thank you all for your support!!!:thnx:

29th November 2009, 06:56 PM
:mexwav: Well done to all of you you must be really proud of your girls! What a way to end the year, dying to see some pics!

29th November 2009, 07:12 PM
:w*w::mexwav: Congratulations!!

What a fantastic achievement, you must be so proud - all your hard work proved worth it.

Hope we get to see some photos and video

29th November 2009, 08:30 PM
Congratulastions Renate and girls:mexwav: That is awesome:w*w:

29th November 2009, 08:49 PM
Glad to see you've had a wonderful day with the girls:w*w:

29th November 2009, 10:26 PM
Well done to you all, I knew you could do it cl*pcl*pcl*pcl*p

30th November 2009, 12:05 AM
Wow !!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. I so hope we get to see some video. I would just love to see your performance. I have never seen a HTM performance. Judy:jmp2:

30th November 2009, 01:58 AM
Congratulations to you, Frida, Bella and Sienna! You must be on cloud nine.

I love the reverse, but I don't think I've ever seen it done twice with a bow. Great job!

I do so hope to see a video soon and I hope you got to see Richard Curtis, too.

30th November 2009, 04:08 AM
Congrats on you and your girls wins. What a great way to winde up the year.:mexwav:

15th January 2010, 12:56 AM
Congratulations again, Renate.

On Richard Curtis' website he has a lot of nice things to say about you and your Cavaliers.
I know some clubs tape the routines and sell them. Is there anyway I could purchase a DVD? I would love to see them.


15th January 2010, 10:41 AM
On Richard Curtis' website he has a lot of nice things to say about you and your Cavaliers.

"There are three levels of classes and it was the top class that kicked off the day. The first dog into the ring was a black and tan Cavalier King Charles spaniel who performed a lovely routine to The maid on the shore. It is very hard to get a small dog to do lovely attentive heelwork but this handler has done brilliantly with this little dog. This team flowed around the ring with a nice amount of drive and it is probably the best small dog routine in HTM I have judged. They ended up third in this class but as the handler has only been competing for a year I think there is more to come from this team."

15th January 2010, 10:55 AM
thank you for your kind words :) I am very proud of my girls!!
richard curtis has a lot of experience and sees a lot of heelwork to music. praise from him is highlight for us!!:D

i have asked a friend to upload our The Maid on the Shore routine which she vieo'd to youtube. do not know when she will ahve the time, though.

usually a company films our competitions, this time they were not there.
but maybe at the next show, end of january there will be a chance.

i have 6 routines in this show, 2 with sienna, 3 with bella (of of them is a 6+ with marianne and her blen cavalier) and one with my little handicapped frida.
undfortunately the location, although indoor, is not heated. in two of my routines i am lying on the floor for a couple of minutes, which may feel quite long in temperatures below zero....
the girls do not have to worry, they are lying on top of me....:)

15th January 2010, 12:50 PM
I really cannot wait to see you at work with your girls Renate! You are certainly an inspiration.

It also proves my point that Cavaliers are brilliant and athletic! My dog trainer (who has border colllies) is a convert. She is just amazed at how focused Max is for a young dog and she thinks that Rylie is the cutest pup she's seen all year. She also still talks about the foundation agility class that Mindy took when she was ten - and that she was amazed to see a dog that age so willing to do anything that was asked of her.

I took Max to a pre-agility puppy camp last month. The trainer there (also with BC's) commented on how athletic Max was and how most Cavaliers she knew were not. I think our dogs get a bad rap sometimes just because they are so cute:D

15th January 2010, 01:55 PM
yes, i agree. also many breeders seem to tell people that cavaliers a such an 'easy' breed, happy to lie on the sofa all day. which certainly is not an inspiration to do sports with the dog.

cavaiers do not at all have the reputation they deserve. and i think many of them only have half the fun they could have in life, if they were allowed to get some training and do something with their brains.

when we compete in a club where they don't know us, or in ohter parts og denmark, i always see freindly, but definitely amused smiles. like: 'here comes a naive woman, wanting to compete in advanced obedience with her lapdogs.:rolleyes:'

then, wehn we, as we often do, leave the show with as winner and/or second/third winner, the smiles are a bit different....:)

15th January 2010, 05:28 PM
then, wehn we, as we often do, leave the show with as winner and/or second/third winner, the smiles are a bit different....:)

I bet they do:D:jmp:

I think my hubby put it in perspective "Max may never be the best agility dog but he's probably the best agility dog for you". I think he's absolutely right. We might never get to the point of competing because "I" have SO much to learn, but Max is so easy and willing to work with me that I couldn't ask for a better partner.

15th January 2010, 05:55 PM
Sounds like alot of fun...enjoy. Hope those pink diamonds are edible...now there's a find!

Brian M
15th January 2010, 07:52 PM
Hi Renate

They can only be smiles of admiration.:)