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Brian M
23rd November 2009, 10:24 PM

As my previous post I advised that last Sat I took our Pops to my main vets for a poss blood sample then a test to detemine if her thyroid could be identified as underactive and thereby giving us the reason for no loss in weight over the last six months even though she is eating only a basic minimal diet ,under examination of Pops by the vet and questions of me the vet immediately discounted Poppy as having a thyroid problem as she did not fit in any way the profile of a dog who would have a thyroid problem .
So I mentioned The Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic and would she fill in a form of referral so we can go there ,initially she said she had no indepth knowledge as this is fairly new so to let her investigate over the weekend and she would phone me today

a link to the clinic

Well today she phoned and said she had read about it and it seems like a great idea and they will complete the referral form but suggested I phoned my Ins companys to ensure I would be covered ,this I did but like all Ins it was totaly ,ifs, buts, and maybes until we put a claim in and only then it would be considered .
So my next step I phoned Leahurst and The lady there was fine but the clinical nurse to see is Shelley Holden but shes on holiday this week but to tell my vets to send the form in and Shelley will phone them next week ,I then mentioned about ins and cost and the receptionist replied I think its free ,no charge and upon checking shes right .
a link about appoitments

So we shall see what develops next week ,but do you all think its worth a go and Leahurst is only about 15/20 mins from me .
a link about obesity reasearch

a case study of a cavalier that was looked after by them


Heart disease i do my best ,I clean their teeth the best I can I feed them the best I can and I exercise them as much as I can and I want Poppy and all my girls to be well looked after to the best of my ability but I do not want them over weight and thereby poss damaging their hearts ,these are things I can influance ,but that other cursed problem SM I have chosen my girls and now I can do nothing to help my four except hope I have chosen wisely in the past ,but we wait and see.
So as I asked shall I give this new weight clinic ago and if Pops can get to 9-9.5 kilo I will be happy .

lastly staff and contact details at the clinic are


Please read and thoughts pls.

24th November 2009, 09:27 AM
Brian, this looks like a great idea and good luck to you! One on mine is a bit pudgy, she was tested for diabetes and thyroid problems (thankfully, she has neither) because of her constant battle with weight. She was quite thin up until was get her spayed, then she ballooned. We were so careful not to over feed her and to make sure she was exercised properly but the weight piled on. Her current weight is about 10.5kg and I would really like to get her down to 9kg-9.5kg, as she's a big build Cavalier. We will get there some day but for the moment we will battle on.

I really hope this works for you and your little lady Poppy. Please keep us updated on her progress.

24th November 2009, 09:54 AM
Brian I think it's a great idea. Did you see Trixie's story on one of those links that tricolour has done really well. It's great thats it's free of charge although you will probably be asked to switch to Royal canin food but it's not a bad thing. Good luck to you and Poppy and keep us all updated on how you get on.