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26th November 2009, 05:10 PM
Hi all,

I haven't been on here for a couple of months now, been recovering from an operation on my hip, had a couple of problems afterwards too, but poor bluebell is now down at the vet.

Back in July this year she was there because she had been poisoned by something, and this afternoon the same thing has happened again, they have kept her in and are going to send away samples to see if anything shows up, but she is very bad, and the vet said she might not make it through. It started off as her drooling a LOT - like a tap from her mouth, her eyes were running like she was crying, then i quickly drove her straight down to the vet, got into the reception, and she was still drooling, then she had diarrehea everywhere, and then she was throwing up, everyone was looking at us in the reception because she was so bad.... i hope she is ok, i just wonder what keeps causing this? I have checked the garden for anything and can't see anything, she wasn't eating any bushes/plants and i didn't see her near the plants anyway. Plus, Lottie is absolutely fine, and they were together outside. You can't help but wonder if someone has done this... but maybe i'm just being paranoid. Hopefully the test results will show anything up.... I really hope i don't lose my "special Bab" - she's only 2 years old....

brid kenny
26th November 2009, 05:52 PM
OH no that's awful. I hope she's okay. Thinking of you. Let us know how she is later.

26th November 2009, 06:04 PM
Oh let us know as soon as you get any news. So sorry this has happened; it is just devastating. :(

team bella
26th November 2009, 06:12 PM
Oh that's terrible. Can anyone throw anything into your garden? are your neighbours ok with the dogs, or had you used any chemicals in the garden like pellets.

I hope the vet can identify what it is that's poisoned her. Please give an update as soon as you can and we'll pray your baby gets better soon.:hug::hug:

26th November 2009, 06:34 PM
Thinking of you and Bluebell :hug: :hug: Let us know what happens.

26th November 2009, 06:44 PM
Im so sorry you're going through this again......
We're thinking and praying for you


26th November 2009, 06:50 PM
oh I'm so sorry - this is just awful esp when you don't know what's caused it :confused::|

thinking of you all

26th November 2009, 06:58 PM
thanks for all your kind comments, we haven't used any pellets in the garden or any chemicals (the vet asked us that) and she asked if bluebell might have got to any cleaning products (no) or had she eaten any chocolate or raisens (no)..... well we think the neighbours are ok, we did get a horrible letter a month or so ago, about some lights we use at the front of our house, it was a horrible letter and we don't know who it was from, they printed the letter and the envelope so we couldn't find out. Thats what is worrying me... but hopefully the results will show something... the vet is calling me in the morning.

26th November 2009, 07:37 PM
I hope alls well,i worry about that too.We have 2 acres and i am allways checking that we have no nasties,i had to get the neighbour to get rid of a dead rabbit the other day,it was right outside the main gates.keep us all informed.

26th November 2009, 07:50 PM
the only thing my dad just suggested is could she have something wrong on the inside? Maybe an absess? Cos the only other thing she does sometimes is if you touch her very lightly on her side she squeaks .... i'll mention this to the vet in the morning.... cos it is odd that lottie is ok and she isn't.

26th November 2009, 08:01 PM
Thinking positive thoughts for your baby..please let us know how she is tomorrow, so sorry you are having to deal with this :(

26th November 2009, 08:29 PM
Hope and praying that Bluebell will be ok.

26th November 2009, 09:40 PM
I'm adding my hopes and prayers that Bluebell pulls through, and your vet manages to identify the cause.

Take care and keep strong.:hug:

Karen and Ruby
26th November 2009, 09:58 PM
Oh Emma

I will pray for little Bluebell tonight and please let us know how she is on the morning.
Im sooo sorry you must be truely devastated

26th November 2009, 10:33 PM
So sorry about poor little Bluebell. Keeping her in my thoughts and sending love her way.

26th November 2009, 11:18 PM
Healing thoughts coming your way from our house too. We do hope the vet manages to find out what is the problem - it's such a worry when our beloved dogs have to be away from us.

Take care of yourself and get some sleep if you can, Marie-Anne :l*v:

27th November 2009, 07:35 AM
Do hope you will find out soon what is the matter with Bluebell and she will soon be feeling better, thinking of you and Bluebell.:hug:

27th November 2009, 09:10 AM
Sending positive thoughts for you and Bluebell. Good luck :)

27th November 2009, 12:00 PM
The vet called this morning, Bluebell is keeping ok, no more sickness or diarrhea, they are keeping her on the drip for today, and she might be home tonight, if not then hopefully tomorrow. The vet is calling me again later today. They have sent off the blood tests, and she said it could be a) she is gut sensitive to something she ate, b)she has pancreatitis (probably spelt that wrong) or c)there is something wrong with her stomach. They might give her a scan before she comes home to check her stomach and that area, i told the vet it seems funny to me that lottie is ok, so maybe it is something else, sometimes if you touch her sides she yelps, for no reason that i can see, maybe thats to do with it...

27th November 2009, 12:03 PM
My thoughts are with you and Bluebell this AM.

At this time of the year, ANTI-FREEZE is a real issue as it tastes sweet and animals, Cats and Dogs love to drink it !

It is however very very deadly so please be aware of any spilt liquids etc.

Best wishes,


Cathy T
27th November 2009, 04:24 PM
How awful. Poor Bluebell. Sure hope they find out what's wrong and it's something that can be treated. Will be thinking of you both and praying for an answer.

27th November 2009, 07:17 PM
Well, Bluebell is home.

She has pancreatitis. I have to feed her Hill's Prescription i/d food, with no treats at all. (She didn't have many treats anyway).... the vet said it was the worst case of it she has seen, the other thing that might have upset her system (i am going to ask the vet) is that she was on cod liver oil and glucozamine (for her joints) - i have stopped these now as they might not have helped. She seems happy to be home, and she has had a bath and is now asleep on my lap! She is back at the vets next friday for a check up. At least we know what it is now i guess.

team bella
27th November 2009, 07:42 PM
So pleased you have Bluebell is back home. At least now you know what's wrong. Have a good weekend snuggled up with your lovely dogs.

27th November 2009, 07:57 PM
So glad you got Bluebell at home and especially for the weekend. At least you know what is wrong with her. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

brid kenny
27th November 2009, 08:36 PM
That's Good news. Thank God.

27th November 2009, 08:44 PM
I'll be praying for you!

27th November 2009, 08:48 PM
I'm so glad you've got Bluebell home, and also that you have a diagnosis. A Cavalier at training had pancreatitis a few years ago, but once recovered never looked back. I hope it's the same for Bluebell as well.

27th November 2009, 11:48 PM
Poor little Bluebell. Glad she is home with you now, and you've had a diagnosis. Hope she feels much better very soon.

27th November 2009, 11:51 PM
Glad you know what's wrong at least...delighted you have her home, wishing your little one a speedy recovery.

Cathy T
28th November 2009, 03:36 AM
So relieved to hear that Bluebell is back home with you and on the mend. It's got to be a relief to know what is wrong and to know it's something you can work with.

28th November 2009, 05:47 AM
So glad she is better. Pancreatitis is a serious illness in humans as well. Some cannot eat for weeks and have to be on IV nutrition. Keep up with the diet and sounds like she will perk up soon.

28th November 2009, 09:14 AM
Well, Bluebell is home.

She has pancreatitis. I have to feed her Hill's Prescription i/d food, with no treats at all. (She didn't have many treats anyway).... the vet said it was the worst case of it she has seen, the other thing that might have upset her system (i am going to ask the vet) is that she was on cod liver oil and glucozamine (for her joints) - i have stopped these now as they might not have helped. She seems happy to be home, and she has had a bath and is now asleep on my lap! She is back at the vets next friday for a check up. At least we know what it is now i guess.

I am so glad that Bluebell is home and that you have a diagnosis at last. I am sure she will be much better on the special food.

So far as the Cod Liver Oil and Glucosamine is concerned, I would not stop this without the vet telling you for sure that it has contributed to Bluebell's illness, otherwise you could well end up with a dog with both pancreaitis and stiff joints.

I have used 500 mgs of Cod Liver Oil plus 1 Glucosamine tablet every morning for several of my dogs with stiff joints now, without any problems at all. Maybe if you were giving 1000 mgs of Cod Liver Oil it would be too much, but I think you would see very oily droppings from a dog who was getting too much oil in the diet.

28th November 2009, 11:39 AM
So sorry you are dealing with Pancreatitis - I have had two Cavaliers with this condition.

You have to watch their diet very carefully - you need to watch the oil content of anything you give them.

Personally I would NOT give cod liver oil, the Glucosamine should be sufficient anyway.

Each time they have a flare up unfortunately causes more damage to the Pancreas, which may eventually lead to diabetes.

You want to keep them eating if you possibly can to maintain gut integrity - unless they are vomiting constantly {there are some very good medications to help prevent the vomiting, we have used Cerenia from the vet}

I make up my own version of Hills ID - the recipe came from a booklet they produced some years ago which contained home made versions of their diets. I found this very effective at clearing up diarrhoea episodes - useful for both Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Insuffciency. Denes tinned senior food is also quite good to have in the house as a stand by.

Measurements are USA cup measures but I've added my conversions!

Recipe 1 Highly Digestible diet for Dogs - cottage cheese and egg are very easy to digest

1/2 cup farina cooked to make 2 cups {Semolina, Cream of Wheat} 80g
bring 400ml of water to the boil in a large saucepan, sprinkle in the semolina stirring constantly. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes.
1 1/2 cups creamed cottage cheese 375g {there are lots of recipes for cottage cheese on the Internet if you cannot obtain it locally}
1 large egg hard cooked {preferably free range}
2 tablespoons Brewers yeast I use Engevita, produced by Marigold - from health food shops.
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon veg oil
1 teaspoon potassium chloride available from E-bay
1 teaspoon dicalcium phosphate available from E-bay, more readily available in the US.
1 teaspoon calcium carbonate available from E-bay

Cook semolina {according to directions on packet including any salt}. Cool. Add remaining ingredients to semolina and mix well. Yield 2 lbs approx. I give this amount to my 9.5kg dog over two days.

**Add a balanced supplement which fulfils the canine MDR for all vitamins and trace minerals eg SA37** {or a more natural supplement such as The Missing Link.}

28th November 2009, 02:56 PM
So glad your girl has recovered.

Hills prescription i/d is brilliant. :) I had an instance with a pup I bought at 8wks. She was happy, healthy etc, but her poohs OMG! and I mean it - the poor thing had copious explosive ones all the time and cleaning up was horrendous.
This continued for weeks even after anti-biotics, changes to diets etc etc. In the end the vet suggested Hills i/d and I went "Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, as if ............" but as I had nothing to lose, I tried it, and it was an instant cure. I really couldn't believe it could have been so simple!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this works for you too, at least you know Bluebell has not been poisoned.

Margaret C
28th November 2009, 11:54 PM
So pleased you have found out the cause of the problem.

30th November 2009, 05:49 PM
Yes, I'm also pleased that you know what itis and there is obviously a lot you can do to help Bluebell now.

Good luck with her diet and new regime and do let us know how she gets on.:lotsaluv: