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28th November 2009, 06:45 PM
Hi - we have a 1yr old ruby called Fudge. Often (more often than not) whilst walking Fudge he stops and coughs for several seconds. The actual action is difficult to explain - other than being similar to the noise/action a cat makes when coughing up a fur ball!!!! The vet has asked us to video Fudge doing this - which we've done, just waiting to book him in for a tooth removal at which point the vet is going to take the opportunity whilst he's under to investigate. Any ideas what the cause could be? We use a harness style lead so it's not pressure from collar etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

28th November 2009, 07:04 PM
This is quite common in Cavaliers - it's usually reverse sneezing or the Cavalier "snort" but worth getting your vet to check it out just in case. They usually do it when excited.

Calmly tilt the head down, cover the nostrils with your other hand and it will stop. Sometimes you might have to lift them gently under the chest as well.

If you are walking, let them calm down for a minute or two before you carry on, otherwise it will just start again.

If Fudge is overweight, it would be good to get his weight down too - the excess pounds make things worse. Also train him to walk nicely on the harness - pulling, even on a harness, makes this worse.

As long as Fudge isn't doing it at any other time then this is the usual explanation. If a dog starts doing this and it's frequent, then it can be the first signs of Kennel Cough.

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30th November 2009, 05:40 PM
Several of my Cavvies have done this. It's important to stay very calm yourself when dealing with it,otherwise they pick up very quickly on your own anxiety and it can make things worse.

Good luck with Fudge - let us know what your vet says and icon_welcometo Cavalier Talk - THE best place for info on Cavs :d*g::d*g::d*g: