View Full Version : Barked madly at her 1st Christmas tree

7th December 2009, 01:14 PM
Our Sophie is having her first Christmas this year, as she only turned 1 y/o on November 29. Yesterday, I was in the sewing room, with Sophie at my side (supervising my projects). She later left the room, went downstairs, and almost immediately I heard her barking madly.

The DH brought the Christmas tree up from the basement yesterday and put the lights on it, while I was working upstairs. He told me that Sophie came into the room, saw the tree and lights, skidded to an abrupt stop, and started barking at this intruder in our home! What an excellent watch dog. LOL
I came downstairs, and started hugging it like an old friend, just to calm her down. She still gives it odd looks. :rotfl: We'll have to keep her away because we're worried she'll eat the ornaments and shred the gift wrap.

What are your funny Holiday stores with your Cavalier?

7th December 2009, 01:33 PM
I'm in the process of putting up the Christmas tree and our Sophie is very suspicious too~

When we first switched on the lights to test them, she sneaked up to investigate, jumping back from time to time just in case they should attack! We couldn't stop laughing... and forget about changing the settings to twinkle or chase, she couldn't have been more surprised! :lol:

8th December 2009, 03:07 PM
This is not my Cavalier but one of my Clumbers -- Hadley does not like the Singing/Dancing Santas, Reindeer, Snowmen, etc. When "noise" starts coming from them she stares silently for a few seconds, cocks her head and then tries to attack them. We have to keep them all up high!

I will be interested to see how my wild child Katydid (It), who is also a Clumber, and just turned one year, does with Christmas -- I fear for the ornaments and for the whole tree -- she loves to prune!!! (I am way behind and have no decorations up except my wreaths!)

BudBud, our Cavalier, loves to watch the lights on the Christmas tree. I will find him in the living room just quietly sitting and watching. He is my Christmas angel!

Karen and Ruby
11th December 2009, 12:02 AM
Like you we hae charlies first Xmas this year and he seems fine with the tree!
The dancing reindeer however he sees as his nemisis and he has been put on this earth to DESTROY IT!!! LOL

Oh well he didnt pee up the tree once but i kinda expected that!!!