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11th December 2009, 11:36 AM
Could I be allowed to say that I did not pluck the Figure of 50% of Cavaliers will have a Heart Murmur out of the Air, and that this is no better than it was 18 years ago.

This Statement was made by the Cardiologist at the UK CKCS CLUB AGM in March this year .

Dr Luis Fuentes ,Cardliologist ,and I quote her, that 50% of ALL 5 Year Old Cavaliers will have a Heart Murmur.

15th December 2009, 10:44 AM
Could I mention ,unfortunately there still seems to be some Cavalier Folk in Denial about the MVD Figures in our Cavalier Breed.

Been doing a bit a Checking up, Xmas Presents all Wrapped ,etc,so had a wee bit of spare time.

This information should convince every-body , but with those will always be doubters ,you can Never Win !!!!

Over the Years Veterinary Cardiologists have been compiling Statistictics on Cavaliers with MVD Murmurs of many Thousands of Cavaliers at Health Clinics held be CKCS Breed Clubs in Britain ,Canada, the USA, and else -where .

From the DATA they have compiled ,they have found that the Percentage of Cavaliers which developes MVD increases at a Rate of about 10% per year

So roughly 10% of Cavaliers by age of one year have MVD Murmurs ,and 20% aged between ONE and TWO Years have Murmurs ,and so on for each age LEVEL

SPECIFICALLY, ,the Statistics Show that more than 50% of all Cavaliers aged 5 YEARS have Murmurs ,and it is the Very Rare Cavalier at 10 Years which does not ,at the very least ,a Low Grade MVD Murmur

I will repeat again ,those MVD Murmur Statistics of Cavaliers were I would guess NOT from PUPPY Farms or BYB's ,but from Health Clinics held by CKCS Breed Clubs.

Hope-fully now those Doubters will be able to accept those Figures,...

We can only Live in Hope!!