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i luv cavs
12th December 2009, 06:56 PM
I have been advised to try Rua on Pumkin as supposed to be good for the tummy, can this be bought in Ireland? Want to give it a try, if not is there anything similar

12th December 2009, 09:54 PM
The only place I know of that used to carry tinned pumpkin was a store in Dublin that no longer is there.

If you want to try some you can just get a fresh cooking pumpkin or any type of hard winter squash/marrow -- they are all the same family. You cook pumpkin like any hard marrow. I just cut upn, into a slice, then place skin side up on a dish with a small amount of water and cover loosely and microwave. Or you can bake it. However pumpkin is merely roughage -- it has no magic qualities (certainly none at all for my one dog that sometimes has soft poops). Some people do find it helps with dogs that have the runs but it doesn't settle stomachs per se (it certainly doesn't do this for people, for example, but is a nice bland food with roughage that helps firm up stools and might agree better with a dog -- but remember a dog gets NO nutritional value from it and it is merely a small additive -- any type of veg is generally good for dogs. Usually you only add a tablespoonful or so to a meal).

If Rua has ongoing tummy problems, it is likely to be some kind of food intolerance. I'd get Rua onto something hypoallergenic like James Wellbeloved and be cautious of treats etc. Avoid chicken, beef, pork. All dairy products can also cause problems, especially milk. So can grains in some dogs, additives, preservatives. No fatty foods or treats like pig's ears (can really cause problems). I think you have been trying different foods? If your vet is not very helpful on allergies and intolerance, I'd trya different vet practice. They can vary enormously in expertise and capabilities.