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14th December 2009, 11:22 AM
Hope this is OK ,but I have just read Articles in Norma Inglis' Breed Notes from a couple of Cavalier Folk, mentioning both the SM and MVD Problems in our Breed .

I won't say any -more about the SM Problem , I believe it's now up to Cavalier Breeders to decide as to whether they want the Cavalier with the Smaller Type Head or not.That it boils down to, whether they want to introduce in the Show Ring ,the Type of Cavalier Head that could be giving Cavaliers the chance of not suffering from the pain of SM.

It's up to the Breeders.

About the MVD Problem

In the Articles ,it was mentioned that Cavaliers can be OK at 5 but dead at 8 .

Could the explanation for this be, that because the Heart Problem has been in Cavaliers since the 1940's the are so many Cavaliers now carrying the MVD Gene/Genes.

That at 5 they are alright but by 8 because they are Carriers they are dying younger .

Mention was also made that there are 1,000's of Heart Certificates but no Research being done.

This is not true. There is Research going on at this moment in Denmark by the LUPA Research Team, Researching for the MVD Gene/Genes in our Cavaliers .

When those Gene/Genes are found ,then the MVD Carriers will be being discovered as well.

The Cavalier Breed is in such a mess at the moment because of the MVD problem ,that until those MVD Gene/Genes are found .then the only way forward as Dr J Bell ,Geneticist at Tufts University ,America ,recently said ,is for Cavalier Breeders not to Breed from Cavaliers before 2.5 years of age, this is to try and make the on-set of MVD later in the Breed.

What could maybe help ,in the Article it was mentioned about having Stud Dog information published in the UK CKCS YEAR BOOK ,hopefully this will also include when those Cavalier Stud Dogs were first used at Stud.