View Full Version : what are the symptoms of luxating patella ? and when do they start ?

15th December 2009, 03:22 PM
hi all, brought stanley for a second opinion re his back legs. They said they felt that his knee caps were very loose and that he may be kicking them into place when he runs etc..
same still stands with him, he is in great form and eating loads.
Just wondering do any of you have dogs with this condition and how did it present ?
would appreciate your experiences, thanks

15th December 2009, 03:30 PM
I found out that Ebony had luxating patellas when she stared limping after slipping coming out of a pool after a swim. She was ok after one week of rest and I got a second opinion from another vet and he also said that she has patella. I didnít want to operate back then as it was a low grade but I have noticed that if she runs a lot she is slightly limping but she is ok after a days rest. I am at the stage now where I am seriously thinking about surgery next year sometime as I know it will get worse.

15th December 2009, 04:41 PM
Emiko had luxating patella's in both back knees - we found out very quickly when she was around 2. One day after a long walk she had a funny limp clicking / hopping type of limp, but we thought she had walked to far. The next day she couldn't walk at all for a short while. The vet diagnosed the patella's and the reason she couldn't walk was that both knees had slipped slightly.

The orthopedic specialist operated on one knee, and gave us physio type exercises for the other, which have worked for 4 years, unfortunately over the last week we have seen her hopping limp after a long walk again on the unoperated knee (just once but better safe than sorry), so we have an appointment in the New Year with the same surgeon to see what she thinks now.

For us then the symptoms were an unusual limp after more than usual exercise. The operation was as okay as operations can be, and after a few days she was the same bundle of mischief she was before hand - and the good thing able to handle lovely long walks.

15th December 2009, 09:22 PM
My Kosmo also had luxating patellae. What happened was one night we went walking and he went poop and there was something about the position of how he went or something that made it pop out. He let out a yelp and then he limped for a few feet and I carried him home that night. When we went to the vet she said she suspected luxating patella but sent us home with some metacam and said to see if it works.. It didn't and he was still limping 3 weeks later (we took him home on vaca in that time) and so we went back and it was again confirmed. When we went to a surgeon, she sad that a lot of the times dogs will run or even prance/walk and you will notice one leg kick kind of funny behind them and that's when the patella is going back into its socket. She also said that the more times the dog's knee pops out, the more wear and tear on the joint, and therefore the more arthritis in the future. That was enough to schedule the surgery for me. Some people choose to manage it, but Kosmo needed a tendon relocation and a pin and I'm glad we didn't wait :o