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Kizzys Mum
19th December 2009, 11:27 AM
Tinsel she is a 6 month old Cav x Jrt, with tri-type markings. She doesn't know much about normal life - he's not housetrained yet or used to walking on a lead but she is utterly adorable and very loving.

Holly the (blenheim) cav is with us at the moment, she is emaciated beyond belief, we tried to give her a wash but the mud is so matted that we were worried that her skin might break.
There is something very wrong with her back legs especially the right one. We have booked her into see the Vet today, also has something wrong with her eyes.
Holly does not know about beds and was sleeping on the floor, I have managed to get her on to some vet bed. The saddest thing is that because she know so much about a house I think she was someone's pet, but could be a product of a puppy farm as she has had puppies.
If she was someone's pet how could they let her get into such a state.

This is the gorgeous 5 year old tri colour Cav, Gaby. She is very sweet, kind and gentle-a typical cav. Gaby has just had major surgery to remove several tumours. SHE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTING TILL SHE HAS COMPLETELY RECOVERED. Like Poppy, Gaby has spent her whole life on a Welsh farm. She has always been with other cavs.
She is being fostered by the family who has Poppy and Maise too. They will fully assess her and further updates will follow soon. She is not yet available.
30/11/09 Gaby is a darling. She isn't doing much and is far more nervous than Poppy but is getting on fine with the other dogs. She isn't doing too much as she is still getting over her operation but seems quite contented. She isn't housetrained either and is not so quick to pick it up as Poppy but with perseverance this will sort out. She too is a beautiful girl with a lovely nature.
Both Maisie and Gaby have awful teeth. They have both been booked in next Wednesday to have their teeth done.

If interested, see http://www.dogsfriends.co.uk/

Kizzys Mum
20th December 2009, 02:27 PM
2 more today (both blenheims)

Trixie is house trained, good on the lead though she is very nervous and shy. The vet has given Trixie a good bill of health. Her heart and lungs are in very good condition. Her eyes have old ulcers on them but they are OK and do not need treatment. Trixie is an absolute babe. Beautiful, gentle and so kind.

This is Evie. She was born on a farm and spent her life in a shed there. She only had one puppy each time she was mated and so her owner gave her to us to find a fantastic, loving forever home.
Evie is very tiny and very thin. She was seen by our vet the morning after she arrived. All her teeth were completely rotten and her whole mouth a bloody mess of abscesses and ulcers. No wonder she is so thin. She was admitted immediately and had all her teeth removed. She is now eating soft, very good quality food with relish.
She has obviously never been in a house before but has taken to it very quickly BECAUSE there are other cavs here to guide her and give her courage. She is incredibly hand and foot shy. Though such a beautiful, gentle, kind, gratefully soul.
Evie will only be rehomed to an exceptional home where there are other kind ex breeding cavs and someone who will love and respect her as she deserves. Evie will repay you 100 times. She will never be a 'normal' pet dog. She has never had a collar and lead on, had any training or socialisation.
I am very grateful to the farmers for letting us have their amazing little dogs to rehome! They are such little treasures


Kizzys Mum
28th December 2009, 09:38 PM
Update on Tinsel (Cav x JRT) - She is doing OK and has made friends with the big dogs although can be terrier like when she wants her own way. No improvement on the house training as yet but is a little quieter at night (much to the neighbours relief). She was very good having her nails done today and is making friends and being a great ambassador for dogsfriends every time she goes out!!!

Evie, Holly and Gaby are all still listed as available (although Gaby is still not ready for adoption yet).