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23rd December 2009, 12:21 PM
Think of your elderly neighbours. There was a moving reminder of how lonely the elderly in our communities can be, year round but especially at this time, on Pat Kenny's show this morning.

Stop by and have a cup of tea, see if they need anything done, walk their dog, drop in some food or treats.

But company is valued more than anything.

Also it is worth checking to see if there are day services in your area or special events that your neighbour could participate in. I know my older neighbour (whose dogs several of us walk and who has one of my rescue cavaliers) had never linked in before this year with a group that brings seniors to a range of Christmas events and a concert. This is the first time he's been out with them, and he just loved it. Eeven those who may outardly seem like they wouldn't want to go, often really do!! Ask!!

It is also worth asking regularly if they want meals on wheels, day care visits, home help, if you can pick something up... often they may say 'no' at one time and yes later on but no one asks again and they are too proud to request the help. Also a first 'no' is sometimes just a polite 'no' when really they mean 'yes' so it is worth pushing a little to be sure.

Also a great neighbourly gift is to get support bars for the doorframe and get someone who knows what they are doing to mount them, to help an older neighbour feel more secure going up a step into their home. Medical supply stores sell the right kind of sturdy bars for only €10-20 depending on size. Some people could use these mounted around a shower or tub as well.

All kind neighbourly things to do. But most will appreciate a weekly or occasional drop in more than anything -- and often will really love a visit with a cavalier... :).

Don't forget those who may be alone and isolated and don't think 'someone else must be checking in on them' because typically that is what the whole street thinks and no one is doing so.

23rd December 2009, 06:56 PM
As an addition to that - it's great to chat with elderly neighbours. Having made 6 Christmas cakes I have played Santa for my more elderly neighbours this year - sat and drank lots of tea and chatted about anything and everything (especially my two doggies who are much loved by the neighbours) Done some shopping for them with mine and generally had some lovely afternoons :)