View Full Version : Need help lola had blood in her poo!!!

lolas mum
28th December 2009, 03:20 PM
Hi all, i am very worried about Lola last night she has a accident in the kitchen and it was a very runny poo with like muscus blood in it!
Then this morning she has had another one but no where near as bad as last nights.
She seems very bright and cheery in herself but i am very concerned after seeing that as she has never being ill or shown signs of illness before.
I am going to take her to the vet in the morning when they re-open to have her checked out but i wanted to know if anyone has any ideas of what to do untill then?
Apart from having the squits she is her normal self she has being scooting quite a bit lately and friend mentioned her anal glands may need cleaning!!!

She has only eaten a tiny bit of her food today and i havent seen her take a drink of water yet.
Should i cook her up some rice & chicken?

Thanks for your help
sharon x

Margaret C
28th December 2009, 04:35 PM
It is not unusual for dogs with upset tummies to show a small amount of blood and mucus in their motions.

It usually sorts itself out within a day or so with very little or, better still, no food for 12-24 hours. If Lola is not hungry do not try & tempt her to eat. For the next day or so I would offer smallish meals of a bland diet such as chicken or rice ( I use Denes Senior tinned food )

Proboitics help such as pro-koline or natural yogurt can help.

If the motions are frequent, explosive, very runny or appear to consist of liquid blood then you need an emergency vet appointment.

Margaret C
30th December 2009, 07:08 PM
How is Lola now?

lolas mum
31st December 2009, 10:44 AM
Hi Sorry i have only just had time to pop on and update you on Lola,After speaking to the vet she advised me also to feed her on rice & chicken for the next 48 hrs which i have being doing and she has now recovered. Her poo has returned to normal consitancy although a funny yellow colour,but im putting that down to the chicken and rice!

She is showing no signs of illlness and seems quite happy and bright eyed.

Thanks for your help,i think i just panicked when i saw the blood in her poo the other day but thankfully she seems to be over it now.

Thanks again
sharon x