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2nd January 2010, 11:34 PM
Bella is having trouble jumping up on the lounge or bed, just jumping in general. It takes her a few goes to get up, it seems its her back legs that are the problem, she doesn't seem to be in pain and is always her happy self. I know that Hip Dysplasia in Cavaliers is common, do you think it is HD or something else? What should i do? Any treatment that can help or ease this before it gets worse?

3rd January 2010, 12:24 AM
She needs to see a vet right away. It could be hip dysplasia, it could be disk disease, it could be s spinal or leg injury, it could be syringomyelia. You need a vet to help you figure this out. Her inability to jump indicates she is in pain -- and you'd not want this to worsen. Dogs are very good at not indicating pain in ways that we see -- they just get on with things. But if she can't jump, something is hurting her ins ome significant way, and preventing her from doing this. I'd get her the first appointment you can and have her seen by someone with the medical knowledge to help. It is impossible to guess or diagnose without a proper examination. :thmbsup:

3rd January 2010, 03:29 AM
In addition to Karlin's good advice I would try not to allow her to jump for the time being until you can see a vet. I suspect that is something the vet will advise until they can get to the bottom of what is causing her problems.

Love my Cavaliers
4th January 2010, 12:34 AM
I have two dogs who have had trouble jumping. Oliver has had periods of no jumping and we just found out he has a ruptured disc in his cervical spine putting pressure on his spinal nerve. His periods of no jumping though have obviously been related to pain, since when he is better he has no trouble. Riley on the other hand has always had trouble jumping since we got her when she was 11 months old. She will circle and circle and then try to jump. Sometimes she makes it, sometimes she doesn't. Unfortunately, she has syringomyelia (SM) and had surgery last year. Even since the surgery she still has trouble jumping. In the beginning her difficulty with jumping and a head tilt were her only SM symptoms. So, I also agree that you need to get Bella to a vet - there's a reason she's not jumping.

4th January 2010, 10:44 AM
Hi Bec,
Daisy has the same problem,it takes a few attempts to jump onto chairs/couches.I always assumed it was because her weight had increased a bit since the summer.Interestingly she was picked up on a scan as having SM a few weeks ago...She doesn't have hip or patella problems so I'm at a loss to explain why some cavaliers can't jump well.I think make a vet appointment to discuss.

4th January 2010, 04:07 PM
Hi Bec
this was how Maddie was when she had her slipped disc. I would advise you to keep Bella quiet until you've seen the vet. If possible don't walk her or let her jump up at all, only take her out to go to the toilet. If this is due to disc disease or spinal injury then rest is a big part of the treatment, so until you know what the problem is it wont harm to rest her.

Let us know what your vet says.