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7th January 2010, 11:17 AM
Interesting news article on DogWorld including some comment about the recent Times article about Bateson, see at this link address.

7th January 2010, 12:29 PM
Thanks for the link, I haven't seen that, and the story has more information than we have had published here in Ireland so far.

By the way, I am the one who coined the term "puppy farm capital of Europe" for a story I wrote many years ago and it was widely picked up has since become the common term used here and I can see, abroad as well. The power of the press!:cool: I was actually looking for a really good short phrase and a memorable one that would get across just how horrific and how widespread this particular trade was in this country. I am really pleased that it seemed to do that and has remained a memorable term that sums up how bad the situation has been here.

This is the original story and the phrase was used for the headline:


7th January 2010, 02:07 PM
Karlin, I could say I’m in the “puppy farm capitol of Australia”. For some years we have had somewhat similar laws as what is proposed for Ireland and which did help to some degree to address the situation over here, and yes over the years I have seen some puppy farms and backyard breeders closed down. The inspections by authorities over the years helped to improve care and conditions for the dogs but this could be improved on yet some more. Here is an interesting news item and yes I even know of local schools being invited to do “school excursions to puppy farms”.
Public gets the chance to see puppy farm

Yes we have all sorts of Legislation and Codes of Practice and here is an example of a recent warning where it appears the authorities have their eye on some breeders.

From the President of DogsVictoria.

The CE and I have recently had a meeting with officials from the DPI and Bureau of Animal Welfare. Whilst this meeting was at our instigation and part of our ongoing commitment to maintain and indeed improve our relationship they did take the opportunity to tell us that they are fully aware of some DOGS Victoria members who are, they believe, carrying on a Domestic Animal Business behind the cover of membership of our organisation.
Whether you are a member of DOGS Victoria or not ALL Victorians must satisfy the requirements of the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments. This code can be read in full on the DPI website www.dpi.vic.gov.au/dpi but I include the following definition

Domestic Animal Business: means
(a) an animal shelter, council pound or pet shop; or
(b) a dog rearing, training or boarding enterprise that is run for profit; or
(c) a dog breeding enterprise that is run for profit where:
(i) the enterprise has more than 10 fertile female animals; or
(ii) the enterprise has less than 10 fertile female animals but the owner is not a member of an applicable organisation under the Domestic (Feral and Nuisance) Animals Act 1994.

Peter Frost