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7th January 2010, 11:52 AM
This Item has to appear Monthly in Dog World.
It is to be a Monthly Column focusing on the Kennel Club's Accredited Breeders Scheme

I have just Posted a Comment on the DW Forum List, asking whether Accredited Cavalier Breeders will be told ,not to Breed from Cavaliers before they are 2.5 years of age,and not to go by MVD Breeding Guidelines .

If ABS are not told this ,is the information given to them worth the Paper it's written on.

Cavalier Breeders have been told by the MVD Researchers , Breeding Guidelines for MVD ,and where has this got the Cavalier Breed,


The MVD Problem is no better than it was 18 years ago in our Cavaliers. 50 % still have Heart Murmurs at 5 years.

Unless the Accredited Cavalier Breeders are told that no Breeding from Cavalier Breeding Stock takes place before the Cavalier is 2.5 years old because of their MVD Trouble then will the Scheme amount to any-thing.

I think NOT!

Hope- fully my Post will be answered in the DW Forum by some-body from the KC. ....

I won't be holding my Breath though!!

8th January 2010, 11:06 AM
For any-one interested there is an interesting Discussion taking place on the Dog World Forum at present.

This is how the ABS should be being improved, especially for our Cavalier Breed.

8th January 2010, 05:49 PM
I wonder if I could mention what has happened to me to-day.

There has been this discussion taking place on the DOG WORLD FORUM about the ABS Breeders.

I Posted a Comment from a Cavalier Breeder on the CC List ,who said that some Cavalier Breeders carry out Health Testing on their Cavalier Breeding Stock ,is for their information only .It was further said that that the Health Testing Results done on their Cavaliers ,would only be revealed if they wished to do so.

I made the Comment, could this be the reason why a number of Cavalier Breeders are not ABS Cavalier Breeders ,.Are they afraid that this information will have to be given if they are an ABS Cavalier Breeder.

What good is this attitude to a Prospective Cavalier Buyer ,is this the Flaw in in the Accredited Breeders Scheme.

Surely a List can be Provided for Cavalier Buyers from all ABS of the Results of the Health Testing that has been carried on their Cavalier Breeding Stock.

Not to be dependent on the Whim on the ABS Cavalier as to whether this information will be divulged or not.

My Post lasted about 2 hours , then was gone!!!!

9th January 2010, 09:23 AM
Sorry Folks, to keep going on about this subject, but I just feel it's important to get this message across about what's involved with the Accredited Breeders Scheme for our Cavalier Breed.

The Kennel Club's Headlines in this week's DOG WORLD,are.


What does this Statement mean?

Is this supposed to be mean Accredited Breeders....

Can't be ,when the Kennel Club will not have Health Regulations for Accredited Breeders,and insist that any Dog Suffering from a Health Condition is removed from the Breeders Breeding Program.

It seems to be that it's OK to give Lip Service and for Accredited Breeders to say ,OH yes we carry out Health Tests on our Dogs , but then can go onto Breed from any Dog that has a Heath Condition.

In my way of thinking , this is just a Con Job!!!

Maybe Professor Sir P.Bateson will have an answer to this in his Report due out next Thursday .

I'm back to our Cavalier Breed again , if this is not sorted out, what benefit is the ABS to Cavaliers. None what-so ever. !!