View Full Version : Our breeder lost 3 out 7 pups in the litter.

9th January 2010, 03:47 PM
Hi everyone. My first post here.

I am very concerned with these losses. The breeder wasn't sure why but she lost two puppies at around 1.5 weeks of age and another one at around 3. She says it's never happened before and is devastated. She thinks it might have been pneumonia or something. I visited her and her dogs and living conditions were pristine. Everything else checked out as far as pedigrees, heart, eye, patella, yearly examination and all. And she's been doing this for many many years.

Having said that, now I'm really worried that somehow the immune system of this litter was compromised and that whatever puppy I get will not be as healthy as it could be.

What are your thoughts?

Sorry that my first post had to be such a downer, but I need someone's opinion on this as after waiting for a long time it would be heartbreaking now to have to just walk away.


9th January 2010, 04:35 PM
I don't know what to say to you really. Sadly puppies do die sometimes, three is unusual though. There is a horrible condition, fading puppy syndrome, where puppies keep dying one after the other for no apparent reason, and there doesn't seem anyway to prevent it.

Cavalier puppies do need to be kept very warm - about 30C for the first 2-3 weeks, which might be difficult to achieve at the moment - so that would be my first thought, that they became chilled. They won't feed if they are chilled, and if you try to feed them like that, this can be the result.

Puppies are very fragile, and it doesn't really take much to cause problems.

However if they survive puppyhood, there shouldn't be any lasting effects. In fact they probably have very strong immune systems.

I have a friend's dog here, she was born at just over 2oz, which is really tiny. She had a very difficult start, two of her siblings died {they were really just born too early}. However she is a strapping 7.8kg at a year!! Her brother and sister are also normal sized and strong healthy dogs, if that is any help for you.

I would just keep in touch with the breeder, visit when she says you can. Obviously make sure you see copies of both parents health certificates.

Keep us posted.