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27th January 2010, 06:53 AM
Hi everyone, we just got new puppy her name is Geisha the Tri-colour cav to be a companion to Ida the B&T..

BUT as I never had experience about having second dog, I don't know the proper way to introduce the new puppy to the current one. They turn to bark and growl to each other which is not common in Cavs especially Ida which I know her very well and the 9 weeks puppy growls and barks?

Well it might be jealousy between them which I love to get all love from them.
Every time I touch one of them, another one will get jealous and bark so mad, I feel really bad and hope they could get along well soon.

The way they play scares me the puppies could get hurt and I have to stop them playing because it was seem like they gonna have a fight and I heard about paws to cause puppies get blind. I know it's not puppies fault it's my fault and I have to organize them in the proper way and I need some opinions here as many has got many cavs here. :)

can't help, cavaliers are like chips, you can't have just one ;)

will post photos soon of Geisha.

27th January 2010, 02:47 PM
How old are your pups? It helps to introduce them on neutral territory first and to perhaps go for a walk together. By walking together you can get a sense as to who will try and position themselves closest to you and command that coveted space and how they respond to each other.

In regards to play it is good not to let it get too rough and out of control, redirect them and calm them down if it gets out of hand. If they get into a scrap don't play favorites, it doesn't matter who started it, just break it up and redirect their attention.

Give equal attention to each dog, spend alone time with each dog and when giving attention to one dog give them undivided attention being totally present to that dog and ignore the other (they will get the message and will back off, when they do positively reinforce their behaviour with attention), this will help with competitiveness as long as you give equal time to each.

Put their food bowls separate from each other and for the first while stand between them when they eat just providing a neutral presence. WHen they are sweet with one another and get along, paise them. Make sure they know that you have plenty of everything, toys, treats and attention. You don't want them thinking resources are limited and that they need to compete for them.

Enjoy your pups!