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30th January 2010, 05:29 AM
Chelsea has been acting strange the last few weeks. Sitting under tables, having to stand in front of me or my mom when working or in the kitchen, sleeping less and with one eye open. Even what I see as a couple of panic attacks, one when I woke her to move her on the bed she starting scrambling around, trying to get behind me on the pillow, jumping off and on the bed, hiding under the bed, shaking and such. On a visit to the vet yesterday, she asked about panting(she has always panted a lot), paw licking (she is doing that more than normal, wet yard and allergies), any recent stress. The only thing we can come up with is when the house was broken into she was here and do not know what went on, she could have been scared or even hurt as she probably followed them around and barked a lot.

So far we have decided to give her her benadryl on a regular basis, seems to help with the licking a lot and watch for a few weeks, extra attention seperate from Viv and some social visits (we went to petco, someone dropped something and she jumped, Vivi did not react). Give her some time before meds, and they are rarly home by themselves for long.

So my question is, has anyone else seen this type of post tramatic stress in their dog? What did you do? Thanks for any input;)

30th January 2010, 07:31 AM
Im sorry to hear about Chelsea - hope she is back to her normal happy self soon x

30th January 2010, 11:51 AM
It sounds like your vet checked her thoroughly for signs of other problems? To be honest I really doubt these are panic attacks -- especially as this is happening regularly and with people she knows. I'd want a vet to look into possible sources of pain that could be causing this. As I recall I think before you mentioned some things where it was suggested the signs could perhaps indicate syrngomyelia -- the foot licking, etc -- fear of being touched, hiding away and restlessness are all very consistent with signs of pain, either body sensitivity or neurological. While allergies could cause the foot licking, they would not be associated with the other, to me more serous and worrying, signs you have been seeing. Given that you are now seeing more things on top of the signs you were seeing before -- which haven't really ended -- I'd want specialist input.

I'd first ask your vet to do a thorough exam looking for body sensitivity. And if she can find nothing, I'd ask for a consult with a vet neurologist to go through what you are seeing. A neurologist can do clinical tests right there in his/her office that a vet will not know how to do, or do as accurately -- hence given what you are describing, and the possibility of this being neurological, and the fact that it seems to be worsening -- I'd really want to talk to a specialist. None of what you are describing is normal, and acting swiftly would be a priority to address the problem or confirm that you are *not* dealing with something neurological and may need a different specialist.

Benadryl will actually mask some SM symptoms as well as helping with allergies, so it is a reason why I think you are probably at the point where you want to move beyond just working with a vet.

Dogs though sleep with their eyes open all the time -- about half the time mine would have them closed, and half the time they would be open -- don;t really think this is anything to worry about. Your description of her running around the bed would normally make me think she is simply playing, except for all the other things you describe and the fact that she also shakes and hides behind and under things during the day. That type of behaviour generally means you really need to be looking at something causing pain as it is very typical of what dogs do when in pain.

30th January 2010, 03:47 PM
If you are dealing with PTS then one of the most effective remedies for emotional upset in dogs is Rescue Remedy or one the the Bach Flower remedies. You can get these at your local healthfood store and good pet stores also carry them. A holistic vet could help you choose a Bach flower combination or you could search on line for one for animals.

Good luck with it.

2nd February 2010, 04:56 AM
Chels had a bad day yesterday, called the vet today and have started some meds (anti-inflamitory), pain med, and a sedative if needed. She has a neurologist who has mri access and she recomends very highly who she will call tomorrow to start referal process. When I came home this pm, of course she seems much better than when I left today, no shaking or hiding, but still prefering to sit on me after meals. Thanks for the input hope to work this out, she seems at times to be so distressed I need to find a way to relive it.

Karen and Ruby
2nd February 2010, 06:52 PM
Im sorry Chelsea isnt happy at the momment

Is not the same scenario but Ive been amazed at how much Bachs Rescue Remedy has heped my 2 over the last couple weeks where my partner and I have seperated.
They were really restless around the house and wetting everywhere when up untill then they had been completely clean in the house.
Charlie was hiding away and anxious

They really have calmed down soo much since ive been putting it in their water.

But as karlin says it seems like maybe more and its probably better to be safe than sorry xx

Let us know