View Full Version : Fixed old-to-new site links

31st January 2010, 12:42 AM
Just an FYI -- all the old board links anyone has saved to a given page, or that come up on the search engines, now automatically redirect to the correct new url for that given page. In other words, a url for a thread on the old board now correctly pulls up the same thread, just with the new url.

You might notice that the urls now for a given thread are no longer a random number -- eg 36501 -- but include the actual title of the thread. This makes it a lot easier for search engines to categorise pages.

Amazingly enough, the little piece of code I put in actually worked! :lol: I am really pleased though as otherwise there'd just have been loads of broken links for ages.

NB: the old index page will redirect to the Home section of the site that is not yet finished.