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5th February 2010, 01:38 PM
I took Sally and Lois to be groomed this morning. When I collected them I was shocked when the groomer said Sally's ears seemed hot and a bit smelly. I hadn't noticed this. She said she's trimmed back the ear fur again and cleaned them out with a good cleaner. She said to use the Cleanaural again on Wednesday and to watch them in case they get infected. I'm worried now should I go to the vet? She seems ok now and they look clean and they dont smell. I feel a bad mummy for not noticing

5th February 2010, 01:55 PM
There is an ear drop you can get at the drugstore for Swimmers ear that will work with just a drop or two in the ear. You can get the same thing at the vet for 3x the price. If there is a smell it could be yeast , look at what you are feeding them. I use a mild ear drop (oil) once a month in my girls ears and when they go swimming if they get a bit of infection I use the drops from the drug store. These drops will not harm your dog so it might be worth a try before you go to the vet and run up a bill that might not be necessary.

5th February 2010, 02:00 PM
I would go to the vet if brown wax appeared in the ear canal again.It might also be worth getting stronghold to kill off mites too.Cavaliers are martyrs for ear trouble so this can be very uncomfortable for them so if you have any doubts or worries,definitely go to the vet.

5th February 2010, 02:16 PM
Yes I have made an appointment with the vet for 17:50. I want to catch this early as I have heard ear problems can escalate and become very hard to get rid of. I have held off the frontline and drontal for now incase the vet prescribes something else. I would think that Stronghold would be cheaper from an online pharmacy? Am I within my rights to ask the vet for a prescription to get the drug online?

8th February 2010, 06:11 PM
you are in the UK though I'm not sure if you are there or in USA? My vet started charging 12 for prescriptions now crafty! I think it wise you are seeing the vet but it could be just a little normal wax, the thing with our cavs is their long hair I find it dosent let much air into the ear and over here in the summer they can get real hot, I shave their ears in the summer and trim the hair on the inside in the winter. My mums dog has a ear problem thats gone on and on the poor boy, dont feel bad you didnt notice, its all apart of learning, when my billy had a anal abscess I felt dreadful I didn't notice his anal glands werent right, yet I asked and learned the signs so in the future its something I will spot right away...me hopes lol. Good luck at vets xxx

Kate H
8th February 2010, 07:47 PM
Aled apparently had terrible ear mites when he came into rescue, but has had no trouble since. I think this is because (a) I wipe his ears out with CleanAural at least once a month, and (b) although he has very long and heavy ears, he gets lots of running around off lead, which enables air to get into his ears. If your dog is prone to ear problems, it might help to trim her ears to encourage the air in - it's a dark, warm, moist ear canal that encourages infections.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

8th February 2010, 07:59 PM
Thanks for all the advice. I took Sally to the vets and he had a good look into her ears. There was no problem just one was slightly waxy. They have been fine since and not smelly. I will continue to let the groomer trim the inside to encourage air flow and keep them clean with Cleanaural. The vet was saying that he doesn't agree with ever shampooing a dog and that brushing is enough. Ours only get bathed every other month but I couldn't imagine ever not shampooing them. The vet was saying that by shampooing them it actually encourages them to smell more 'doggy'. I realise shampooing too frequently can dry out the coat but never shampooing......... ?