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8th February 2010, 10:44 AM
i had so much lokked forward to welcoming a new puppy in our home this spring.

BUT clo, mariannes beautiful bt girl, was x-rayed today,, and there is only one pup inside...:(:(

so if it is a boy, it will not work for us (i have 4 un-castrated girls), if it is a girl, marianne will keep her.
anyway i am not sure about the wisdom in getting a pup that never had any siblings to grow up with.

last year was the same story (not with mariannes girl, though).
i am very disappointed. wondering, if i'll ever get a fifth cavalier.......

Brian M
8th February 2010, 11:04 AM

Please dont be too sad Renate your specilal little girl will be there for you in time.

Do cheer up please:)

8th February 2010, 11:09 AM
Oh that is such a shame, I know you'd been really looking forward to the possibility of a new puppy. :( I know there's another one out there for you though and the fifth will be part of your family before too long.

8th February 2010, 11:20 AM
Oh Im so sorry. I had been counting down the weeks too. She'll be out there somewhere, hope you find each other real soon.

8th February 2010, 04:42 PM
Awwww. So sorry about that! The right one will come along someday soon, she might just be only a twinkle in a doggy's eiye at the moment, but she'll come to you. Hoping you feel better soon.

8th February 2010, 05:13 PM
oh that really is too bad renate

8th February 2010, 06:39 PM
thank you all, i appreciate your kindness!

it is not so easy to find a good breeder who considers the cavalier health issues and also the whole to-do of socialization and choosing the best home for each individual puppy... and who will let me 'have first priority.
last year around this time i was also waiting for a puppy from a good breeder, and again last summer.
i am not a spoiled person who cannot handle to have her wishes confounded (at least i don't think so...icon_whistling)

.. but still, of all the rotten luck....!

mariannes young bitch, Phoebe, will be 2 years this summer, and probably will be mated to a tri boy in july. she too is healthy and clever, so is the male, who is only 3 years, though.
but this would mean puppies ready to go to their new homes in november/december.

we live in the country where absolutely nothing at all happens, and i must take the new puppy out to meet the world in all it's variety.
this is very easy in the summer, when the puppy can sit in it's rucksack and be carried along everywhere. also come along to the grown up girls' trainings and competitions, and just be there and see a lot of dogs, people, whatnot.

but in december there are few indoors competitions, hardly any indoors trainings, and much, much to cold for a small pup to sit a a crate/rucksack all day and observe the world....
also the pup's training is not so easy in snow and ice. to go to the town and walk along salted pavements also is not the best thing for a small pup.

so i don't think this is an option.

we'll see. as many of you write, the right puppy will probably come along sooner or later...:)

Claire L
9th February 2010, 10:52 AM
Aww Renate, I'm sorry for your disappointment :hug:
You will have another little one to join your family and when the time is right - she will come to you.
Meanwhile, you have the Championship in Maj to prepare for:*nana: and who Knows, you never know who you might meet there :wggle: