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9th February 2010, 07:57 PM
Yes ,if any of you are interested enough to Read what's just been Posted on the CC List. No doubt some will have a Field Day.

Sorry Karlin , if you will allow me to Post my Reply.

Yes I did make those Comments, at the Time I thought every-body in the Cavalier World had a down on the Cavalier Breed.

Later on I realized how I had been duped and used by the Vociferous Element in the Cavalier Breed.

I sure have learned the hard Way from making my Mistake.

Now- a-days,unfortunately I have had to change my Views,thanks to what the Pedigree Dogs Exposed did for the Cavalier Breed.

Karlin, Margaret and Carol who were very Brave Ladies.

That the Cavalier Breed is in a Mess Health Wise .

I am not going to make any-more Comments about this, I am a Scot ,and have Broad Shoulders and able to take all the Insults and Sneers Hurled at Me .

Just Great to Know that I must be Hitting a Raw Nerve, with all the Vitirolic Abuse coming my way

As Clint Eastwood said .

It has made My Day.

Bet( Hargreaves)

PS, I think I will be the one remembered ,after we are all Long Gone,Never been a Cavalier Breeder ,no wish to be Cavalier Judge, nor do well in the Show Scene.

Just tried my best to help the Suffering of our Beloved Cavaliers.

9th February 2010, 10:29 PM
Sorry you are having so many hassles, Bet.

I'd rather not have a continuing dialogue on the issue, when the discussion is actually happening elsewhere, so maybe we can let it rest for now, and just ignore any further comments. :thmbsup: I am sure there will be other issues that are less personal but will be more worthy of your time, for you to comment on here or elsewhere.

10th February 2010, 10:01 AM
Sorry Karlin,

I know I should have Kept the Heid ,as we say in Scotland.

Bet( Hargreaves)