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10th February 2010, 05:41 PM
I have been looking back at some of the Cavalier Files that I've collected over the years, and thought that this information would be of interest to the List Members.

This Article appeared in Dog World 3-7-1998.

Dr P . Darke, Cardiologist, decided to obtain some quantative information about a possible Heart Problem in our Cavalier Breed .

He approached the Cavalier Clubs and arranged to examine the Cavalier Exhibits at Cavalier Shows .

The First such Survey was taken at the Scottish Open Cavalier Show.

Note the Date,JUNE 1983.

27 Years AGO

The Results were Alarming and immediately confirmed that the Heart Problem was much more Wide-Spread than Anticipated or Found in any other Toy Breed.

Vets in other Countries also undertook Surveys and found their Results Parallelled those that were being found in Britain.

In 1987 based on the Results of Dr P. Darkes' Surveys , the CKCS CLUBS recommended that all Cavalier Breeders should be urged to test the Hearts of their Cavaliers for the Presence or Absence of a MVD Murmur.

The Aim should be to raise the Onset of MVD ,this should be the Cavalier Breeders immediate aim.

This was 23 years ago.

The Cavalier Brood Bitch should preferably be 2.5 years of age with a Clear Heart and the Parents ,with Clear Heart Certificates issued at 5 years.

The same to apply to the Cavalier Stud Dogs,.

What do we discover to-day ,that some CKCS CLUB Members are Breeding from their Cavalier Breeding Stock much younger than that.

What excuse do they have ,when they were warned 27 years ago about how serious the MVD Problem was in the Cavalier Breed?

Is this the Reason , if only those Cavalier Breeders had heeded the Warnings being given to them the all those years ago ,that the Researchers might not being saying that to-day there are probably many Cavaliers around now, Carriers of the MVD Gene/Genes.

Does what has happened to the Cavalier Breed with their MVD Problem ,give an indication as to what could happen the Breed with the SM Problem.?

There are some Cavalier Breeders doing their Best with their Breeding Programs, but why are others in denial about those Two Diseases Afflicting Cavaliers.

This Article was written by Tom Boardman for Dog World, 3-7-98.

I am not sure about this ,but I think he was the UK CKCS CLUB Chairman at that time.