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19th February 2010, 09:55 AM
Just would like to pass on this information that was mentioned by Mr G. Skerritt at his Seminar at Pathead,in Scotland,25-11-07.

He said that the Cavalier Head Shape could be very Significant,and Important.

The Cavaliers to-day ,have Longer Bodies ,Shorter Legs ,Smaller Heads with Deeper Stops.

There does seem to have been a Dramatic Change in their Look in the Past Number of Years.

Could their Longer Bodies have a Link with Syrinxes ?


20th February 2010, 09:42 AM
Back to the the Long Bodies and Short Legs that many of To-Days' seem to have.

If any-body has the Cavalier Book of Champions,1928-1999, have a look at the Photos in it .

Look at the Ttiweh ,Sunninghill,Eyewoth,Crisdig,Loch Fee,Heatherside,Pargeter,Ottermouth, Tnegun,Cavaliers all in propotion, no Long Backs or Short Legs.

I love the Cavalier Breed , but not how a good number look to-day .

Still if this is what's winning in the Show Ring.

I suppose that will be all that matters to many Cavalier Breeders.


20th February 2010, 01:38 PM
Karlin, sorry to have landed you in another carry on with the CC List.

Could I just be allowed to answer the challenge that has been thrown at me, and I promise you I won't answer any-more , seeing that this has deteriorated hurling 4 letter words, at me, .

Neither wonder I resigned
from the CC List, I sure am particular about the Type of Folk I mix with.

There is mention on the CC List about certain Cavaliers who are in the Cavalier Book of Champions .1928- 1999.

All those Cavaliers mentioned did not have Long Backs nor Short Legs.

They for sure looked in Proportation to what some of to-days' Cavaliers look like.

Finally if I could be permitted to Query , I just wonder how many of those Cavaliers who have recently received their Points Winnings, from the UK CKCS CLUB have Health Certificates showing they have been Scanned for MVD and SM Problems.

This is what I believe is so important in trying to save the Cavalier Breed.

Were those Cavaliers heeding the Club's Breeding Recommended Guidelines and not being bred from before 2,5 years of age.

Sorry Karlin ,I'm away to enjoy my day now that I have finished my response.

What I cannot understand though , is it because I have Been a Cavalier Pet Owner, no wish to Get Up the Greasy Pole, only wished to save our Beloved Cavalier Breed from further Suffering ,that I am Hated so much by a Certain Few.


21st February 2010, 11:34 AM
I have just read the Post from Cathy Moon,with the information about our Cavalier Breed issued by the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY VETERINARY HOSPITAL,America.

What I would like to comment on, is the Mention of CM/SM problem in Cavaliers.

The Researchers have said that essentially the Cavalier Brain may be too Big for the Skull.

This has now been said by Professor P .Bateson in the Recent Bateson Report.

In the APGAW Report.

In Numerious News Papers.

Also by Dr C Rusbridge and Others in a Recent Vet Paper, that there could be a Premature Closing of the Skull while the Brain continues to Grow.

Dr I. Mc Gonnell has also said much the same thing.

All those Experts must be thinking the same thing.

They can't all be wrong.

Why are some Cavalier Breeders in Denial about this?