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21st February 2010, 02:40 PM
Do you own an x breeder? If so have you insured her? I was about to adopt one but had to back off because of an unexpected accident. my friends tell me it was a blessing in disguise as I would have been likely to be penniless in 2 years!

I have had cavaliers before & they all lied into their teens. I don't think I saw pass the pleasure i would get from teaching one of these little dogs to enjoy a normal life with love & fun. I have endless patience & love to give & knew it would have to be at the dogs own pace.

To be honest now I have found this forum & read about the dreadful health problems I have a feeling my frien may be right, as I imagine it would be difficult to get insurance on the breed.

still thinking


21st February 2010, 04:47 PM
You mean an ex-breeding dog I think? :)

They will need a vet check and won't be covered for any existing conditions at that check, but all insurers will cover any dog that fits those criteria.

I have rehomed quite few (I run a small cavalier rescue). In general I have found the issues are generally less likely to be health related and more likely to be behavioural initially, as many of these dogs are poorly socialised and not housetrained or used to being indoors. But they are some of the most wonderful dogs to take in. They do tend to do better with another dog in the home and not as a sole dog though as they are used to other dogs and this helps the transition.

Because they are of unknown breeding, and because there are higher risks of some known genetic problems in purebred dogs and whoever bred them was unlikely to take special care in breeding for health, they can be at higher risk for problems. Within this breed there's already a very high level of early onset heart problems and a increasing incidence of symptomatic syringomyelia, a potentially painful neurological problem, so these are the things in particular to watch out for and they can be costly to care for, and may mean a shortened life. Alternatively many rescue dogs will live into their early teens, too!

If cost is an issue, purebreds really may not be the best choice of dog (or this breed), though all dogs can of course have problems and crossbreeds can inherit a risk of the genetic issues of the breeds in the mix.

Insurance is always a good choice I think for any dog, and brings peace of mind.

But rescue purebred dogs often will have greater risks of health issues and therefore I would never advise anyone to take on a rescue dog if they are not prepared for caring for a dog with a possible health issue in the future, and covering those costs. It is better to opt for a shelter mixed breed or else support a health focused purebred breeder and save for the cost of such carefully-bred puppies. Buying for health is not cheap either! :thmbsup:

Many here have ex breeding dogs and adore them -- I am sure some will post about their experience. :)

21st February 2010, 05:33 PM
Well, I have 3 exbreeders and so far my Vet bills are normal. One is now 9 1/2 years and doing well with a 1+-2 murmur and hoping to get an ultrasound of heart this year when the weather settles down-BTW she is a puppy mill survivor. My fellow came from a horrible mill and hasn't had any health problems and heart check was no murmur (cardiologist). My third is from a reputable breeder and other than awful barking is completely healthy. There will probably be difficulties as they age more. I can truthfully say the biggest problem I have is socialization issues with my fellow and I keep working with him but doubt he will ever be "normal". They are a wonderful little group and I wouldn't part with any and I'm so glad I have them.
It does take time and $ to get them sorted at first. Mine did not come through a Rescue so the beginning costs were mine-vaccines, exams,etc. Rescue usually takes care of a lot of this and then your fee helps to offset their costs. I did miss out on mine being a part of foster care-would have been nice to have some potty training underway.

Would I take another rescue-you bet. Have my name on one a bit far away but if the current applicant falls thru I've got my fingers crossed.

Karen and Ruby
21st February 2010, 06:30 PM
I dont own any ex breeding Cavs but I did get my insurance renewal documents through the post yesterday.
:eek: :eek: :eek:

Well its gone up to over 1000 a year for both dogs! Thats just under 90 per month. That wasn't what made me the most angry though as they both have their fair share of health problems. What annoyed me the most was that they have put a limit on Hydrotherepy sessions and now they will only cover 10 sessions per injury/illness.
Well my Ruby has been going swimming once a fortnight since June last year for a Lux Patella which is 18 per session. So they will only cover me for 10 more sessions then im lumbered with the cost myself. Ive already got Charlies MVD to contend with by myself as it was a pre existing condition and now this.
They have also increased the excess to 100 per injury/illness.

I must say that although I couldn't be with out insurance for my 2 I do fell like they are taking the piss out of me as there is no way I could go anywhere else.
Where will it end eh!!!:bang:

21st February 2010, 07:56 PM
My Dotty is an ex breeding girl from a Puppy Farm. I had her checked at the vet everything was normal.
I completed Pet Plans online form and I have her insured for approx 6,000 per year. The cost is approx 35.00 per month.

I always thought Molly and Dougall were gentle and sweet, Dotty is the softest sweetest little dog ever, she is still nervous and shy but day by day she is getting better. If you have endless patience and love to give it would be nice to share this with one of these lovely dogs that so desperately needs a loving home. The rewards for you will be enormous.

21st February 2010, 09:30 PM
My vet confirmed that PetPlan in Ireland is now increasing premiums if you claim on them... so worth asking lots of questions when you take out insurance. Unfortunately policy terms can change as well.

Kate H
21st February 2010, 11:34 PM
I suppose my Aled could be described as an ex-breeder - except that he refused to breed! The puppy farm kept him as a stud dog but he wasn't interested, so was given to a rescue at about 18 months. They gave me the forms to insure him for a very modest sum, and fortunately he wasn't diagnosed with a Grade 2 heart murmur until after I insured him. But it's anyone's guess what will happen to his heart - he may live to a good age still with only a Grade 2 murmur, or it may get worse more quickly. Otherwise he is very healthy. I had him MRI scanned when I took my other dog, Oliver, last year, and he was clear of SM at almost 2 - if our club low-price scans continue I'll get him done again next year, when he will be nearly 4.

I don't think Aled is any less healthy than my Oliver, who came from a small breeder, from a champion father and a strain known for their good hearts - and he's got mild SM and a Grade 2 murmur (but he's nearly 9 years old, so doing pretty well in the heart department). Cavalier health is a lottery, and when my last Cavalier died of heart failure 8 years ago (the second one I'd had with heart problems) I thought long and hard about getting another, but decided that they are just a very special breed and my life would be poorer without one. You can only weigh up the pros and cons and make the decision which is right for you.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

23rd February 2010, 01:53 PM
We have 3 ex-breeders. Two are bitches and the other an ex stud dog.

All 3 are insured and we had no problem getting insurance for them but, as they're getting older, I dread to think what excesses may come into play. We're with PetPlan at the moment.

23rd February 2010, 06:14 PM
I acquired an ex-breeding bitch about 18 months ago, with a mild heart murmur at the age of 8. I also have an older bitch who was never bred from, who now has mild SM (but no heart problems), and a young bitch (now spayed) who is so far healthy.

Previously I had always chosen PetPlan (as the "gold standard" of UK insurers) but I was so shocked at the quote I got for the ex-breeder (and the hike in premiums for the others) that I did a bit of sleuthing around and discovered AXA Pet Insurance. At first glance the coverage seemed identical to PetPlan, but the premiums were vastly lower. I couldn't quite believe that and asked a friend who has been in insurance all his life to check the policies out for me. His advice was to go for the AXA polices - the coverage was, indeed, identical to PetPlan (even better as regards the amount of vet bill coverage per year) at roughly one third of the price! So far, touch wood, I haven't had to make a claim, so I can't speak for how smoothly that might go - PetPlan have always been very speedy and reliable in the past with my SM dog.

My friend did warn me that AXA might one day "realise" that they are underpricing, and this year the ex-breeder's premium has risen by just under 3 per month (but then she is now 9 years old, and I suppose all premiums have risen anyway). I'll let you all know if the premiums on my two younger dogs also go up when they come for renewal.

Insurance is a complicated business, and it's frustrating when you can't claim for so many of the more common procedures because they are classed as "routine maintenance", or they fall within the excess you have been quoted. But with the price of veterinary medicines, consultations and (especially) operative procedures as they are, I don't see how anyone could give it up - unless you have the means to save a vast amount every month to cover the possible bills.

23rd February 2010, 07:52 PM
We have 2 ex-breeding bitchs at Dogs Trust (Both booked to go to their new homes!) a 5 year old & a 6 year old & theyve been checked by our vets & are in pretty good health - both need dentals badly but thats about it!