View Full Version : Gracie and Tula pictures

24th February 2010, 07:59 PM
Gracie and Tula

heather r
24th February 2010, 08:17 PM
What great photos of Gracie and Tula! They look like best pals!

Gracie is very :luv:

Heather R

24th February 2010, 08:25 PM
I want a puppy!!!!! Lovely pictures :)

24th February 2010, 09:17 PM
Gracie's so cute :)

24th February 2010, 10:11 PM
Its lovely to see them relaxing together like that. Thats one pretty little pup you have there.

24th February 2010, 11:10 PM
Lovely pictures. Gracie is beautiful and so cute.:luv:
I love the last picture.

25th February 2010, 07:35 PM

25th February 2010, 07:42 PM
I cannot see the pictures. Can anyone tell me why please :confused:

Cathy Moon
28th February 2010, 03:25 AM
I cannot see the pictures. Can anyone tell me why please :confused:
I don't know why... what browser are you using? I'm using Explorer and I also use Firefox with no problems. When I used to have the Yahoo browser I had plenty of problems...

Gracie & Tula look so sweet together! :lotsaluv:

Claire L
28th February 2010, 11:37 AM
I can't see the pics either:(

I'm using IE 8 :confused:

28th February 2010, 07:24 PM
Sorry not too well up on computers. Using internet explorer (not sure of version). Have also tried through Firefox. Homepage in both cases is Yahoo so wonder if this is problem as Cathy says. Cannot see pics of Gracie on Browntrouts other posts either. So must definitely be my computer.

Thanks Cathy for your help

Rj Mac
1st March 2010, 08:10 AM
Great pics, they both look the best of pals:D