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25th February 2010, 03:29 PM
Ive just taken Leo out for our usual walk when I met a lady with a 9 month old tri......adorable little chap.
Anyway he was pulling like mad to meet us so I approached, the lady said great Im trying to socialise him. When we got there, tails wagging like mad Leo suddenly started to growl!:eek:

Ive never heard him do it before and Im mortified. The pup was very excited wanting to play and although Leo didnt snap he was making this terrible low growling noise in his throat.
I repremanded him straight away and the lady and I walked together for a while as she wanted to socialise her pup.

Although the little chap was very excited I cant understand why Leo was so annoyed.

Should I worry he's developing aggression....I know he's never done it before but he's done it now!

Any advice.


25th February 2010, 03:54 PM
Mel- This is a totally normal way for an older dog to tell an adolescent that his behavior is unacceptable. You shouldn't reprimand him as this is *exactly* what the pup needs! That is what socialization is all about! If a younger dog is hyper and in another dog's face, it's the pup's actions that are wrong, not the older dog who is being annoyed. Dogs communicate with each other in verbal and no-verbal ways. If the pup has not been properly socialized, then the pup may not pick up on the non-verbal communication your dog was sending out. Therefore, he had to move to the verbal communication to get the point across (growling). That's the only way the pup will learn how to be polite around other dogs.

Karen and Ruby
25th February 2010, 05:03 PM
Dont worry Mel

Like was said its normal, Charlie gets growled at a fair bit by older dogs as he is still really rambuncious when he greets other dogs.
Its their way of saying 'Hey, thats eenough, go away'

Charlie also isnt very clued up on 'dog speak' as I call it as he was kept in for the first months of his life but slowly and surely he is calming down alot.
We spent the day with friends last week, one has a Pug (female) and the other has a LabXCollie (male) and there was Ruby and Charlie of course.
Charlie instantly fell in love with Marley (the lab) and seemed to look up to him alot. They played together very well but Charlie started getting all leggy in his play and pulling on Marleys tail- at which Point Marley snapped at him- he had given out a few warning signals that Charlie didnt seem to pick up on before that.
Marleys owner was mortified and apologogised- I just laughed it off as Marley was well within his rights to do so!!
Charlie was alot more respectful of him after that so it certainly did the trick!

Dont worry Mel- he is just being a good role model!!

25th February 2010, 06:43 PM
Thanks for your replies.....you have both made me feel a lot better.:) I was worried my boy was turning in to a hooligan:o

Everything you've both said makes perfect sense as the little pup was leaping about all over the place.

Fancy my Leo being the sensible grown up one:rolleyes: