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25th February 2010, 05:54 PM
I do not want people's private disputes taken into threads. This can be especially upsetting to other members and ends up hijacking someone else's thread. Personal issues should be offline only, please.

That said, if members feel they are getting abusive PMs or emails from a board member, you can let me know. Sending abusive PMs/emails as well as carrying on personal disputes in public threads may be grounds for being placed on moderation (which means a moderator has to approve every post) or cancelling memberships. You also agreed, when registering, to not forward/crosspost others' posts OR PMs/emails. This too is grounds for having membership cancelled.

But as we are all adults, why not manage the problem before it gets out of hand and causes unnecessary hurt on either side? Before things reach a boiling point and people find themselves posting or PMing something inappropriately, don't forget the board has a safety valve. :) Every member can manage their own board settings in the 'settings' panel at top right. Click there, go into the 'ignore list' setting, and add a name if you do not want to see their posts or receive any PMs from them (sadly, you cannot do this for moderators or admin! :lol:).

There's a full explanation HERE (http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_usage#faq_vb3_troublesome_us ers).

Many thanks for remembering that others do not want to be part of such disputes and admin and mods do not want to have to manage others' disputes -- far easier just to block the people you don't want to see or hear from -- or delete their PMs without opening them if you know they are likely to cause upset. :thmbsup:

11th March 2010, 10:39 PM
Does adding someone to your ignore list also block them from emailing you via the forum?

14th March 2010, 11:53 PM
Yes, according to the FAQ I linked to above:

Can I block posts, emails and messages from specific users?

If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages and Emails from them, then you can add these members to your 'Ignore List'. There are several ways to do this:

Through your User Control Panel: User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Ignore List. Then, type their name into the empty text box and click 'Okay'.

However, this applies to sending email THROUGH the board. If the person has someone's personal email address already, then this setting won't block them simply emailing a person.