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Kizzys Mum
1st March 2010, 07:51 PM
Upbeat - a tri boy

Upbeat is a 4 year old cavalier spaniel. A handsome chap who has only known life as a stud dog until now. He is fantastic with other dogs and hasn't given the girls he's sharing a kennel with a hard time, like some stud muffins can! Upbeat is a little bit wary of us at the moment though and might need a little time to settle in his new home, he probably hasn't met many people where he's come from and will need the help of a brave and loving dog to show him the way.
Toasty - an older blenheim girl

Toasty is a lovely cavalier spaniel who has come to us from a pet home. She was rescued from a breeder a year ago but her family found that she was too nervous for them - they said that they would always have to chase and corner her to catch her and that she was especially afraid of the children. Toasty isn't half as nervous as many of the ex breeding girls that we rehome, but we will need her new family to understand that she might need a while to settle and that she might always be a little afraid of her world and the people in it. Toasty is about 8 years old, walks on a lead and is mostly housetrained.
Temptation - blenheim girl

Temptation is a cavalier spaniel. She is a pretty girl who is only about 2 years old. Temptation has come to us from a breeder and hasn't any experience of pet life, she will need a friendly and happy dog in her new home to help her learn how to live with humans.
Kitty - tri girl

Kitty is a female 5 yr old ex breeding cav. She is a very happy girl who desperately wants to be loved. When Kitty arrived in her foster home she made herself well and truly at home, she is one happy little dog who would love an active family as she really enjoys her walks. she was very briefly homed but returned because their dog would not accept her and they said she was not housetrained. Here she mixes very well with all size dogs (and is living with three big and one small one). We have had no problems with her housetraining, she walks very well on a lead, although she prefers to be off lead running around with the others. Kitty is one of the happiest dogs i have had the pleasure in fostering.
Being fostered in Brean, Somerset.

Montana - blenheim girl

Montana is a lovely little 5 year old bitch, she is a realy sweetheart and happily took every thing in her stride here. She was delighted to be recieving cuddles from me and was such a good girl on the journey home. She has no problem with being handled and really with steal someones heart by the look in her eyes. One of our team memebers here described her as a real poppet and I cant think of anything better, Montana does have an eye infection which we are treating and hope should clear up within a few days, this really poppet is going to make someones house hold a very nice place to be!
31-01-10 UPDATE
Montana is doing well. She is a typical cav - Lovely temperament and has a constantly wagging tail. She is feeling the cold a little so I made her a coat out of a sleeve of one of hubbies old fleeces which seems to works well! Montana is a friendly little girl who has fitted in very quickly.
Being fostered in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.


18th March 2010, 10:39 AM

TOASTY has disappeared from the Many Tears website


so we trust she has already found her forever home.

Meanwhile, there are updates on MONTANA and UPBEAT

http://webzoom.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/Dogs10/Montana-Update-09-10-10b.jpg http://webzoom.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/Dogs10/Montana-Update-09-10-10a.jpg
http://webzoom.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/Dogs10/Montana-Update-09-10-10d.jpg http://webzoom.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/Dogs10/Montana-Update-09-10-10c.jpg
Montana is a quiet girl, who only recently started to look to getting the odd toy out of the box. She watches the others playing but hasn't got any inkling of what to do. She can be a little jumpy if things move suddenly in front of her. She is slightly nervous of men but is fine with other dogs but I think she would probably be better off with one another gentle cav. She loves coming up the garden with me to let the chickens out and comes in the pen with me. She is a gentle, loving little girl. I haven't trusted any of the other foster dogs we've had to go in the pen with the chickens. She loves to lay on the sofa or on her cushion by the fire. She's been no bother and is really good. She's eating well and put a little weight on. We have the odd puddle on the floor but that has got much better so she's about 98% housetrained. When we go out the room she sometimes barks, I think this is only because she hasn't got perfect sight and needs some reassurance that we are still somewhere near.

I wasn't going to do an update on Upbeat until he had been with me for a while, but he is such a joy and has settled in so well. He happily bounds around the garden and comes when called. He loves to snuggle on the sofa and be made a fuss of. He is much more confident than I had expected and is a gentleman with my 3 Cav girlies and my yorkie bitch. House training is going well. He is not phased by TV noise etc. I have walked him down my drive in a "ruffwear" harness, and he trots along nicely, taking no notice of cars whizzing past the bottom, I feel this boy is used to a lead. He loves human company, and could possibly be an only dog for a retired person home during the day, but a little friend would also be great.

Hello Upbeat here
I am a fairly chilled out boy, I wouldn't mind living with children if they were 5+ yrs, not the noisy kind 'cos they would frighten me. I would really like a kind little doggie to cuddle up to, but if not and there is somebody at home all day who would love me that would be OK. I need a garden to charge around in and nice walks. Not a lot to ask, for such a handsome cuddly fella!

and now there are some new faces too

JOLENE - ID 2112

17-03-10 Jolene is a 4yr old ex breeding female cav. This girl is a real sweetie and was happy to bathed, groomed and cuddled. She has now got into the routine of coming up and putting her paw on your knee to ask for a fuss. She will need a special person who can give her the time and love she deserves to come out of her shell along with a canine companion to help her grow in confidence so only apply for her if you are already a dog owner.


KATE - ID 2088 FIDO - ID 2087
http://webzoom.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/Dogs10/Kate-Cav-16-03-10.jpg http://webzoom.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/Dogs10/fIDO-cAV-16-03-10.jpg
16-03-10 Kate and Fido's are both 4 year old cavs. Their owner cannot look after them. They have been together forever and are very sad and whining about losing their mistress but at least have each other. They are big (fat) cavs in need of joining Don's slimming club! They are great with other dogs and LOVE lots of attention. If possible they would love the chance of being homed together, but only once with a fosterer will we really know if they could be split. They are poppets - so come on give these dogs a home.

So if any of you feel able to help these Cavs, please read Karlin's sticky


and then contact Many tears via their website


21st March 2010, 09:48 PM
All these dogs have now disappeared from the Many Tears website - EXCEPT for

KATE and FIDO (who must be rehomed together)

We know that it is particularly difficult to find good homes for pairs of dogs, so if anyone knows of someone who might be able to help, do please put them in touch with Many Tears via their website