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5th March 2010, 12:45 PM
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Latest News Last week 60 dogs were rescued by the UlsterSPCA fromA puppy farm raid in Northern Ireland and taken to Benvardin Kennels. These animals were being kept in appalling conditions. The UlsterSPCA, staff at Benvardin and staff from Canine Creations in Ballymoney have begun the arduous task of vaccinating, treat...ing and grooming ready for adoption. The dogs range from pups upwards and include the following breeds:· King Charles· Jack Russell Terrier· Schnauzer· Kerry Blue· Rottweiler· Shih Tzu· Cairn Terrier. Pictures of all the animals will be available over the next few days, but if you are interested in re-homing or know of some-one looking for a dog then please do not hesitate to contact 07979 534 023 or email benvardinkennels.co.uk These animals have had a bad start in life and urgently require a good home. Please help us to help them and all the other animals in the shelter.

http://benvardinkennels.co.uk/ (http://benvardinkennels.co.uk/)

This is my first time posting like this so hope it's OK. I spoke to the lady at Benvardin this morning. There's 4-5 Cavs [1 male] ranging from 4-7 years old. They won't be ready to be viewed/rehomed until Tuesday and she says it's £100 rehoming plus £5 license fee. They're in Ballymoney and I'll go up on Tues but realistically can only permanently take 1 female [already have 4 dogs]. Any advice please.

5th March 2010, 01:32 PM
Thanks for posting Allie - we keep this section for Cavaliers but as yo have highlighted them, that's fine :D Perhaps you would also like to put your post in the dog and bone section too?

These things are just so distressing, you can only imagine what the dogs have been through :(

Even if people are unable to help by adopting a dog, I'm sure donations of food, bedding, wormer etc etc - and probably most especially money - will be most welcome.