View Full Version : CKCS Championship Show 6-3-10 Critque

9th March 2010, 10:26 AM
This is from the Bitch Cavalier Critque given by the Judge Mr B. Mitchell.

Just wondered if it could be of interest to those of you going to Crufts and watching the Cavaliers being Judged, and maybe could look at the Comments he has made about some of to-days' Cavaliers.

Mr Mitchell mentioned ,that when he first gave Challenge Certificates in 1978 to our Cavalier Breed,and the Older Cavalier Folk will also remember this as well,that there was a time when Cavalier Back Ends were not very good.

There was a lot of Hockiness .

However , then, Forehands were on the whole Better than they are to-day.

That then, the Cavaliers had Lovely Clean Shoulders, which helped to good Necks and a Flow to the Whole Cavalier which is seen too Little now-a-days.

Of course not all Exhibits then were so Blessed ,but certainly a Bigger Proportion than is currently the Case to-day.

He further goes onto say, yes Back Ends have improved enormously ,but they hav'nt done so while keeping what was already there


My Thoughts about this , is this what I have been saying about many of to-day's Cavaliers having Long Backs ,Short Legs and Small Heads and Short Necks.

We did a wee bit of Showing about 20 years ago , and it was Plus if the Cavalier had what was called an Arch to their Neck,this could be seen by having quite a Long Neck.

I don't know, but if you are going to Crufts , have a look at the Cavaliers and see if you can see what I am trying to explain.

I don't even know if this is what Mr B. Mitchell means by saying about many of to-day's Cavaliers being Shapeless.