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Brian M
9th March 2010, 12:44 PM
Hello To All

I have posted previously about our little community of eight cats which we have at work ,they are all spayed/neutered and well fed and some even come and sit in the office to keep us company during our days labors at work .But occasionally we have little intruders which try and join us ,so about four weeks ago there appeared a little timid tortoiseshell female which we accepted and fed extra for , but she always ate after our regulars had and was very timid ,then over the last two weeks it was obvious she was getting a bigger tummy and as we didn't really want our community to increase our concerns of course centered around a baby boom and then an uncontrollable population .So on Sat afternoon I called at The RSPCA center in Cross Lane Wallsey and persuaded them to loan me a cat trap ,and on Mon morning I set it out at 10.00 am after our regulars had been and gone and then at 11.00 am she appeared and crept around the trap went in a couple of times but then backed out and disappeared .So I thought that was it not our day ,but try again we did with some fresh out of the oven turkey and BINGO we got her ,so in the back of my car she popped and off back to Cross Lane went i .The lady in charge named Kay upon viewing the frightened little girl assured me she wasn't a feral cat (we both through the cage rubbed her nose ) and she would be allowed to have her kittens which would be adopted then she would be spayed and as shes a young and nice looking little girl she said they would have no problem re homing her, HOORAY .But I informed her that if they did we at work would welcome her back as a permanent member of our little group ,so yesterday I was more than pleased and it put a smile on my face at the happy result for this lost little girl ,and I am going to keep in touch with them and when shes had her babies go and pay her visit and say hello ,and of course keep an eye that the happy ending planned for her and her babies really does happen.:)

9th March 2010, 03:51 PM
What a lovely story and a happy ending for a change. My Aunty runs Rescued Animals in Need,
she would be very grateful to have someone like you Brian running around. Thank you for taking care of
another little lost soul. cl*p

team bella
9th March 2010, 04:56 PM
Well done Brian. You really are an animal lover and first class personcl*p

9th March 2010, 05:19 PM
Nice work Brian.
She can have her kittens safely now instead of having a litter hidden away somewhere in this cold weather.It's like an icebox at night.

9th March 2010, 09:07 PM
That's wonderful news Brian. Good job!

Brian M
12th March 2010, 10:09 AM

Just had a phone call from The RSPCA but not really sure what to think, so thoughts pls .The lady started off by saying you can come and collect your cat shes been spayed :confused:so of course I responded has she had her kittens (thinking if she has then of course she will have to stay and feed them ) .The nurse then continued that upon examination there was only one in its very early stages and the mums tummy was just very bloated so the kitten was aborted and the mum then spayed but no stitches she was glued and shes healing very well and as it was only a small wound ,so I can collect her . Poor little cat ,shes more than wellcome to come back here ,but my happy outcome for the little girl did not happen ,how very disappointing ,so I shall call there later and possibly see if she at least can be put up for adoption as she would make a lovely house cat for a caring person which I think would be better bet than coming back to our work yard even though we do our best to take care of them all .Will post later when I find out more .

12th March 2010, 10:16 AM
But she's not your cat,she's a stray....
I would have assumed that they knew this.If she's very tame and used to being handled then she'd make a very nice pet. If not she'd be better off back at the yard.
Do you know of anyone nearby who might be prepared to offer her a home?

12th March 2010, 12:01 PM
Brian, if there really is re-incarnation, I would hope to come back as one of your critters. No offense to anyone else here at CT, as any one of you will also be on my wish list, but Brian would just be my first choice,,,, mostly because he also takes such fine photos and I know I would finally look nice in one. :D

Brian M
13th March 2010, 10:00 PM
I called to see my little cat today she is named Trio but is considered too feral to be put up for adoption unfortunately so I will collect her on Monday lunch and she can join our little gang at work ,I have a photo of her and will post that tomorrow.

14th March 2010, 07:52 AM
So sorry Brian that this has not worked out as you would have liked, you are very kind to take on another member to your furry family back at the yard.:)

14th March 2010, 12:52 PM
I think it is a happy story, Brian: sounds like she needed the spay and that will have been easier than to have risked the full pregnancy as it sounds like something wasn't quite right. On the other hand, sounds like she would be a good tame cat after a little work; she doesn't sound all that feral at all. Mostly just needs someone to work with her. But she will also fit in with your gang I should think. Either way good for you for getting her in and spayed. Doing that alone stops an endless cycle in which most offspring die young and diseased, or of starvation -- cats actually do not survive easily fending for themselves anymore than dogs would. They often end up with feline HIV or feline leukemia if not neutered as then they are more likely to pass or acquire this diseases through bites/scratches from fighting/mating. You've done exactly the responsible thing. I love tortoiseshell cats; I could easily fill a house with them! :c*t:

Brian M
14th March 2010, 01:41 PM

I called to see her yesterday and also to talk face to face to the people ,they told me that when they went to take her to the vets last Tuesday she was literally bouncing off all the walls of her unit before she was caught so they really don't think shes tame enough to be a house cat ,so I have agreed to collect her Monday and take her back to our little family were at least she will have company and be fed 7/7 .I didn't want to take her yesterday as I thought couple of extra days healing and peace and quiet in the warmth would be nice for her before she comes home ,but 10 out of 10 to the rescue center and their no pts policy ,they rehomed 920 cats last year thats nice but its also a lot of unwanted poor pets to start with ,I too a photo of her I shall post later but off to so some gardening in the sun with my four little helpers oh and my new hero android phone has got Daisy's teethmarks on it already ,BLxxxxxxx Lorankas .

Its nice and clean and warm


Brian M
17th March 2010, 11:42 AM

Had a phone call from Cross Lane yesterday asking me if I could go and get Trio as they needed her room ,so she is back here with us all and seems fine .About 1/2 hour after I let her go she crept out from under the lads canteen and grabbed some chicken from the food dish so shes at least eating though I haven't seen her today but she should be around somewhere, and they all drift in for food at varying times apart from Big Ginger who is always waiting for me for his breakfast when I arrive at 7.50 .So as I said before not the complete happy ending I so wished but Trio is healthy and seems OK and at least now shes had a vet check and been spayed .

PS They had 24 kittens in their units and were confident of finding homes for all ,I could of happily stayed all afternoon and helped .