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Peanuts mummy
20th March 2010, 08:51 AM
Hi all
Well, Peanut went for his puppy jabs yesterday and was sooo good (proud mommy alert!).
He has been weighed and has gained almost a lb since we got him last week, which the vet said is fine and he is filling out nicely. He had his joints, heart and nose checked all fine and healthy (YAY). BUT, poor little baby has an ear infection, she thinks! His ears have been very gunky since we got him, and yesterday the vet tried a normal clean only to expect 'to dig out potatoes' LOL. She said they don't seem red or inflammed but, he has had some ear drops on to be on the safe side and she will check them when we go back for his 2nd lot of jabs in 2 weeks:xfngr:. She said it is quite normal though, so it's not a bad sign or anything.
She checked his pupy 'scrapping' wounds, which are above both ears, but to be honest since I clipped backed the fur from them and have been bathing them and 'brushing off' the excess scabbing (urgh) so the air could get to the wound, they have virtually gone and she is very pleased with how they are now.:)
Peanut WAS still on the horrid Bakers, but he has now gone over to Hills science plan (vet very encouraging on that too!), and is also having some of the Hills puppy meat too. Just for now really, as I know tinned meat isn't good really, but he was used to meat and bakers so I thought get him one then the other bad habit!
I have also brought some of the hills treats and some dried liver pieces ready for training treats.
Oh well, think that is all for now, I love this site for reading etc It is such a good source of info too!!
Thanks for reading and replying
Louise and Peanut!

20th March 2010, 09:21 AM
Well done to peanut for being a brave boy at the vets :-p

20th March 2010, 10:45 PM
It wont be too long now before he can take his first walkies outside :) . Remember only little short walks at first though.Take loads of Puppy pics, its surprising just how fast they grow.