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27th March 2010, 11:08 AM
This is a nice summary (http://anewscafe.com/2010/03/26/the-scoop-on-poop-housetraining-your-dog/) for people tackling this dog-training challenge.

Especially good if you are wondering why your do just had an accident when you were sue she was housetrained...

(Answer: becuse she's not yet! :) )

I like this conclusion -- we all need these reminders I think!

Here are a few guidelines for starting to trust Sasha and Rex in the house:

– Proceed slowly by relaxing each of the housetraining constraints separately.
– Practice rigorous “supervised freedom” when you expand the pup’s household privileges. Keep her in your visual proximity and plan to take her outside every hour … more often if she’s active.
– Keep it short and sweet when leaving the dog unsupervised in the house. Start with one hour in a restricted, easy to clean area. If he was successful, try increasing the time to two hours.
– Consider the laws of nature. Is your dog less than a year old? Is she a small breed? Has she had several accidents in the house? Have the accidents been recent? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your dog isn’t housetrained.
– Remember the big picture. You have a decade or more to grant Buddy unlimited household privileges, yet only a small window of opportunity in which to instill bombproof toilet habits.