View Full Version : RVC Syringomyelia Survey

30th March 2010, 05:33 PM
Maybe some here can help with this, RVC Syringomyelia Survey to compare behaviour traits of Cavaliers that do or don't have Syringomyelia, details at this link address.

30th March 2010, 05:54 PM
Thanks Eddy,
Survey done and submitted.
Happy to report we have a pathological chicken chaser and cat killer!
SM has not daunted her drive for prey.:p

30th March 2010, 06:17 PM
Just completed this.
Some of the questions made me laugh:D

30th March 2010, 10:52 PM
Someone remind me in the morning! This is where Dylan was diagnosed so I'm very happy to help out.

31st March 2010, 04:44 PM
I have filled this in, I have a cat and bird chaser as well who goes nuts when the postman comes and never comes back when called.:D

1st April 2010, 12:42 PM
For those who filled it in, you'll know why I'm saying I am a pessimist! I think some of the questions could have been more specific. For example, "Does your dog get tired quickly on walks?" I answered no because he's full of beans on a walk but I know how he is when we get home so we don't take long walks. How long a walk can you take your dog on would have been a better question. Anyway, we'll get the results one day and I'm really looking forward to that. I wonder, as the questions hinted this way, are they suggesting SM Cavaliers are more or less clingy than non affected Cavaliers.

1st April 2010, 02:59 PM
I agree Pauline, the questions were very difficult to answer. Re the walking, Chaos won't walk for the first quarter of the walk and has to be pushed in the pram but then she is off like a rocket and could go quite a long way. She might also be clingy but she does not like to be touched so will run off/hide and only rarely will come and sit at my feet and let me stroke her head.

1st April 2010, 03:09 PM
Maybe it's best we don't know what angle they are coming from as it might influence our answers.

1st April 2010, 06:57 PM
I thought the questions about reacting to other dogs was interesting - Bosco can be very unpredicable - sometimes he will bark like mad at another dog, other times he just ignores them. I can't see any difference in his reaction to male or females - I think it depends on the mood he is in :cool: