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31st March 2010, 11:17 AM
Having just read the usual Excuses from some Cavalier Breeders about the New Information on
the MVD Problem in Our Cavalier Breed, this is for sure History Repeating itself.

As I mentioned in my Post yesterday , Dr P.Darke, the UK CKCS CLUB's Cardiologist, in 1983 carried out Heart Surveys at Cavalier Shows,and found that the results were alarming ,and immediately Confirmed that the Heart Problem was much more Wide-Spread Than Anticipated or Found in any other Toy Breed.

Note those Cavaliers were Heart Tested at CAVALIER Shows, so it's no use some Cavalier Breeders trying to pin the MVD Problem onto Puppy Farmers and BYB's.

Those Cavaliers would be Cavaliers NOT from Puppy Farms.

As I also said this Article was written by Tom Boardman for the DOG WORLD, 3-7-1998.Tom Boardman ,was CKCS Club Chairman.

Why won't some of those Cavalier Breeders who probably would be around 27 years ago ,accept that they are to Blame for the Extent of the MVD Problem in Cavaliers, and nothing to do with Puppy Farmers.

If they had only listened to the what they were being told at that time, and had followed the Breeding Guidelines from the CKCS CLUB ,the MVD Problem in Cavaliers would not have been allowed to develope to the Stage that it is to-day.

50% of Cavaliers will have a Heart Murmur at 5 years of Age.

According to Dr M. Willis ,Geneticist,

This means 42 % of Cavaliers will be Carriers.

8 % are Clear .


1st April 2010, 12:37 PM
I would like to add to my Previous Post if that's OK, I think this Information is also Relevant.

This was Published in the Dog World around 22 years ago by Bruce Field ,the Health Representative of the UK CKCS CLUB at that time.

He mentioned that it is Recommended that to Minimise the Risk of Heart Disease in Cavaliers all Stock should be Tested Annualy

All Cavaliers need to be Re-tested every year ,whether they have a Heart Murmur or not

Young Cavaliers with Heart Murmurs should not be used for Breeding

Please note that in this Article written 22 years ago , it said that


Even then The CKCS Health Represenative wrote that , the Stud Dog Cavalier Owner should be asked to show a Current Heart Certificate.

With 50% of Cavaliers known that they will have a Heart Murmur at 5 years of Age to-day ,and that this is no better than it was 18 years ago,did Many Cavalier Breeders not ask to see the Current Heart Certificate of the Cavalier Stud that they wanted to use in their Breeding Programs

Is this Question even being asked to-day.???

If not ,WHY NOT.???

The CC List has some Cavalier Breeders complaining about false MVD Figures being given for our Cavalier Breed

They should take notice of the Recent Information recently issued by the UK CKCS CLUB, that the MVD in Cavaliers is the CLUB's NO 1 Health Priority

Also in the BVA/KC Health Survey 42 % of Cavaliers had Heart Trouble.

Now all some Cavalier Breeders can go on about on the CC LIST, are the MVD figures being untrue.

You would think that those Cavalier Breeders would be more interesed in trying to get the MVD Problem solved,rather than making such a song and dance about the MVD Figures.

They have been told that MVD is the CKCS CLUB's NO 1 Health Priority,what more do they need to be being told, .

Is the CKCS Club also blaming the Puppy Farmers etc for this?

I would'nt have thought so, since the Club will have got most of their Information from Cavalier Folk who were at CKCS Shows.