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9th April 2010, 01:01 AM
Anyone catch this on the news tonight? Am told by a Canadian friend that this was on the Canadian news broadcast this eve?

9th April 2010, 02:53 AM
I just googled about for a bit, and found this typed about on a thread.



". . . Dear CKC Member,

At the March Board Meeting in Winnipeg, with reports from the Audit Committee and the CEO,
it became apparent that the Canadian Kennel Club is in the midst of a financial crisis. Dropping registration numbers, a slight decline in entries and falling membership, all products of a worldwide recession in many industries, have combined in the last quarter of 2009 to leave the CKC in a deficit position that is unable to be managed with our existing cash flow.
Traditionally the first quarter of any calendar year is one of low revenue streams – the show season
is only beginning, breeders register fewer litters at this time and expenses are static. Normally, we are able to weather this period within existing resources and saved earnings. This year is an exception. The deficit was so large ($451,475 for CKC and $150,024 for APEX) that our reserves
have not been able to support our financial position. . . . . and

. . . . Monies are coming in targeted for the recovery effort. Clubs like yours are donating amounts significantly above the $1000 asked for, understanding that many clubs cannot or will not be able to respond positively.

There will be no impact on the Registry. There is more than sufficient registration revenue to support our 8 Registration staff. The impact will be felt elsewhere in the organization. As I have met with folks and clubs in this area, I have likened the procedure going forward to a target. In the center is our core function - Registration. That is sacrosanct and will not be impacted. The next layer out is shows and trials. Here an impact will be felt as we continue to generate funds in non-traditional ways to meet payroll. At this time, there are not sufficient funds to pay our fixed costs plus payroll to the end of April. Decisions will have to be made on both deferrals and on staff impacts. The next layer of staff beyond shows and trials include the support services. . . ."
I am actually not surprised by this as we are a country - especially out west - where not many have embraced the purebred dog breeding culture. I read on a blog that the estimate given by the CKC is that a little over 10% of dogs born are CKC registered. My experience tells me less are, but I live rurally. The population hubs have more purebreds.


9th April 2010, 02:55 AM
I should clarify what "out west" means to an Albertan. It would be clearer if the phrase "on the Prairies" was used.