View Full Version : Anyone have Allianz pet insurance?

13th April 2010, 03:09 PM
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13th April 2010, 03:43 PM
Hi Sue,
I have renewed with Allianz this year as well at the price of 259.
My policy contains the same terms and conditions as yours.
Yes they most likely will charge you more if you have a claim.There was an item on afternoon radio a few weeks ago where a lady rang in after her premium had risen to over 800.Her cavalier had spine surgery the previous year and her insurance went up in response.I'm now worried as well as Daisy needs medication for her SM.We can't delay it any more so I need to decide if we claim for her meds and vet costs(which will probably be quite low) or just pay out of my own pocket and cancel the policy.
I had heard this was coming so voted with my feet and insured Holly with petinsure.ie
The allianz policy only covers up to 4,000 in claims anyway per ammum and if anything happens to Daisy thankfully I can afford to have her treated whether insured or not.
I'll talk to my vet,try to get an idea of the costs involved and probably move insurers next year,declare the SM and probably only get cover for other conditions.
This sucks royally!


Zoe bowie
13th April 2010, 03:50 PM
Hi! I used to insure my girls with Petinsure.ie, I found them better value than Allianz and the cover is the same.
I've just got a quote off them today for Des (2 year old collie x) & Penny (9 month old Cav) and they quoted me 330 for both of them to include; 3500 Vet fees each per annum, 250,000 third party liability each,800 if either die due to accident or illness, 500 if lost, 800 toward boarding in an emergency & 800 for holiday cancellation in an emergency, excess is 60-I had asked them if I claimed would my premium go up, the answer I got was 'No this is not their policy, that any illness either dog may suffer from will be covered for their life' I have received discount as insuring 2 dogs & for microchips...maybe worth looking into, their number is 1890 201 201 or check out their website www.petinsure.ie

Hope this helps..best of luck


13th April 2010, 08:13 PM
Aagh, my renewal with Allianz is due quite soon. My vet has warned me that they will put the premiums up. Bosco has SM, and had his MRI last year, I am dreading what they are going to do to my cover. Fingers crossed they won't reduce the amount of cover.

13th April 2010, 11:44 PM
My vets said they have suddenly started increasing policies in this way. :( In this case may just make a large claim for lots of overdue prescriptions and not renew if they significantly raise the policy.

14th April 2010, 08:05 PM
Hi they must all be doing this! Rubys insurance is with PDSA,we made a claim for her eyes& her renewel for this year has just gone up by 11 per month.Having a claim pending for her SM & her heart claim about to go in im going to be scared to open the envelope for next years renewel :eek: