View Full Version : Cav fest! spot the difference!

15th April 2010, 08:46 PM
we bumped into two gorgeous cavs on our walk today!

we could hardly tell the difference between them and Baxter!

another Poppy, who had 3 legs as her mummy squashe it when she was tiny, and a little boy - sorry didnt catch his name! who had brain damage, he was adorable and held his head on a tilt, he gets a little confused sometimes, but even with their disabilities lead a full and happy life, beautiful to see them all playing, and Freya!

Baxter and Poppy - the other Poppy not mine!

Baxter Poppy & Poppy!


for those that remeber, Freya was undergoing tests as she had a tumour, thank God it is not cancerous, a very nasty infection for which she is on an 8 week course of antibiotics & steroids, im not sure as yet what it is called until i speak to the vet who operated on her, she will be seeing him again on Saturday & then every 5 days for them to asses and check her medication is ok as it is very strong.

heather r
15th April 2010, 09:45 PM
Cute photos of the cavaliers and I'm so glad that Freya's problem was not cancer. Hopefully the antibiotics will get rid of problem.

Heather R