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22nd April 2010, 08:38 PM
:eek: I know but something we all have to deal with...

This company have flushable poo bags :D and also a very ingenious device which you connect to your existing outdoor soil pipe...very hygenic and saves the smells from the bin.


The government are actually saying now that we are not supposed to put poo bags in with our general rubbish :x which is crazy really when that is what most people do with dirty nappies and of course they pose a much higher risk of infection...

This is another alternative - a wormery for dog poo {might be better if you have a septic tank so that it does not get filled too quickly with dog poo!}


26th April 2010, 10:33 AM
Thats interesting Nicki,

Question though..........if the Government dont want us to put the poo bags in our household rubbish what are we suppose to do with them?

Perhaps we could send them to 10 Downing street.....just a thought:rolleyes:

26th April 2010, 02:28 PM
Now there's a thought icon_nwunsure

I think suggestions are to bury it :eek: not great if you have a small garden/children/foxes etc

Collect it and dispose of it in council dog poo bins...hmmm our nearest is several miles away and I don't really want to put it in the car...

Those dog toilets that you put into the garden - I've never found them to be terribly effective and they need to be flushed with quite a lot of water, so not very enivironmentally friendly

Disposal into the sewerage system I don't really fancy lifting the manhole cover, or carrying it through the house to the toilet.

Hence the new products above...

26th April 2010, 03:56 PM
A friend got the wormery but don't know how effective it is - when it arrived worms seemed to be hibernating [so she was told]icon_nwunsure The back street from my work car park is always covered in poo; apparently the guy in one of the houses shovels it up and chucks it over his back garden wall. Thankfully I haven't been hit yet :lol: