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22nd April 2010, 08:54 PM
I've been looking at this as an alternative method for transporting the dogs, having had a scare reading on another forum about dogs being trapped in their cage in the boot following an accident :(


But I think the safest way of transporting still remains a proper car harness attached to the seat belt, such as these


or the RAC one


However that's not always possible for those of us with multiple dogs. :(

The varikennels are really good {any plastic solid sided crate}

and the Atlas range http://www.dogswithstyle.com/puppy-dog-carriers/atlas-100-car-dog-crate/prod_220.html {but most suitable for the boot}

My concern with having the dogs in the boot is if the car is hit from the rear :eek:

We've got one of these at present


it does have the rear escape doors and we leave the back seats folded down so we can get them out quickly if necessary.

{and is also very useful for stacking up shopping or luggage when the dogs aren't in the car!}

22nd April 2010, 09:35 PM
I got my three attached to the seatbelts with their harnesses.
Eventually I want to get myself a Citroen/Berlingo, some of my friends at dog training have this car, and if you take the seats out at the back it’s absolutely huge. My friend keeps the Cage at the back so if someone hits her from the back it takes a long distance to get to the cage.

23rd April 2010, 12:20 AM
I like the dogcages site -- do they do them to your order/measurements or have set sizes? They don't list products per se.

23rd April 2010, 08:41 PM
They have measurements for most cars, but did a custom size for us as it was a fairly new car...

They are extremely well made, he was an aircraft engineer so they are are well designed and do not rattle at all.

I think ours was a bit over 300 but it is an invesment - it was also quite large, 42" wide, about 37" deep, with a divider. I have managed to fit 8 dogs {sm/med Cavaliers} in when necessary - with frequent stops and exercise.