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23rd April 2010, 01:32 PM
When I took Lucy home work gave me a bag of puppy junior Arden Grange, Lucy was eating it ok but she seems to be having trouble with the size of the kibble.

At 5-6 months with Sparky I put him onto adult food but I thnk I might keep her on puppy as shes quite small (3.9kg) & she was being fed pegigree adult wet food befor eI got her so I want to give her the best start I can.

Is there any foods around that have a really small kibble? I was thinking of the Royal canin Cavalier food as I bought that once for Sparky but it says for 10 months plus & shes only about half that.

I didnt have this problem with Sparky as he was on Naturediet when he was a pup & when he went onto dry food he was a good bit larger than she is now.

Or would I just be better to put her onto adult food with a small kibble??
Might take a trip over to maxi zoo as I think they have samples out of each food

23rd April 2010, 02:43 PM
If my memory serves me right, I think that Burns mini-bites are small.
www.burnspet.co.uk/dog/puppies_products.asp (http://www.burnspet.co.uk/dog/puppies_products.asp)
They are suitable for puppies and toy breeds, so she ticks both boxes there!
I fed my two this food, but had to change because Bosco had a dodgy 'soft poo' problem which it didn't really help, but if it wasn't for that I think I would still be using it.
Just wondering though, would it help her if you moistened the kibble first - that might make it easier for her to eat it.

23rd April 2010, 04:04 PM
Thanks - I'll have a look for that!

I did try moistening it & that seemed to make her want it less - I just hope shes not going fussy on me!

I also mix in either butchers traditional meat or tinned sardines & she loves both.

23rd April 2010, 04:09 PM
Hi Sonia,
I had Daisy on Arden Grange for over a year.They used to do a Lamb and rice mini with smaller kibble but I think that's only available in breeder bags.The other Arden Grange products were just too big for her little muzzle.
Royal Canin do a smaller kibble size and I'd have no problem putting a six month old on the adult food.Royal Canin also do a kibble for mini dogs up to 10 KG and that's not bad either.You can get it for puppies up to 9 months I think.

23rd April 2010, 04:33 PM
I have my Crestie on Burns mini bites and she is doing really well on that as it is really small kibble. The packet says "for all puppies and toy breed adult dogs". Being a Crestie she does not have the full compliment of teeth, I do moisten it a bit but that is not really necessary and add a bit of moist dog food too. I dont find any problems with her poos on it, in fact I have never seen such a big firm "log" from such a small dog.:p It comes in 2kg bags and costs about 7.-.

23rd April 2010, 07:37 PM
+1 for the Burns small bites - my parents dog is on it and is doing really well. He was well able to eat the bigger food but really prefers the small bites. The Royal Canin Mini range have small kibble too, for mini mouths! I generally switch them onto adult food after they are neutered, so about 6 months.