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Peanuts mummy
25th April 2010, 05:00 AM
Hi all
Well, tomorrow we are of on our holidays.
We have Peanuts carry cage, he loves this as it is available 24/7 so he uses it at home and traveling. His toys, food and blankets are packed as well as loads of newspaper! He dosen't mess in the house, but always 'goes' in our kitchen, he seems to be confused about 'going' outside at the moment. So newspaper, kitchen towels and floor cleaner are all packed.
The main question is, he gets terribly travel sick:drivecar:, on just short trips and we are going to the Isle of wight! So we thought a light diet of chicken, rice and veg today may help his poor tummy tomorrow? We will also be taking some with us, so he can eat small amounts once we are there, rather then straight into his 'normal' meals. Does this sound ok?? He will obviously have water available at all times.
It is such a shame, cause he loves the car and when we go to new places, but he just can't manage the journey's.
He is 17weeks old, so we are hoping he will grow out of it, but for now we try to avoid feeding him if we know we are going out and about. It's just I didn't want to leave him the whole journey without anything. We will be leaving at 4/5am, driving to Southampton, then a ferry over and then we have to pass time till we get checked in at 4pm.
We are planning loads of stops between here and the ferry, then we should have an hour to pass while waiting for the ferry (i thought a tiny amount of food??). Then we plan on (hopefully) going to the beach and having a few hours on there for him (more food) and the kids to unwind after the travel.
Does this sound ok??:confused:
Louise, Peanut and a very excited 4yr old!!

Kate H
25th April 2010, 10:46 PM
Does he like ginger biscuits?! Ginger is very good for settling the stomach, and dogs seem to love ginger biscuits, so if you took a packet with you, you could give him one from time to time. If he likes them, this will also help him to associate the car with nice things. He's probably too young for travel sickness medication, but have you talked to your vet about it?

Enjoy your holiday - I love the Island!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

26th April 2010, 06:07 AM
gosh what a dilemma. I doubt anything you give him today is going to help him with the car sickness... I have a 16 week old with a very sensitive tummy (suffers from diaorhea a lot and cannot tolerate much beyond dry food). Luckily he's fine in the car.

When mine was sick with a bad tummy, I missed one of his twice daily feeds so that his tummy had time to settle. (at the prompting of the vet). He was nice and hungry for his evening meal and didn't seem affected by it at all (except for glancing in his bowl every time he went past...it was the water bowl so def no food in it) :lol:

If you feed yours twice a day, it may pay not to feed him in the morning of the trip and see how he gets on, if he looks to be coping ok, maybe give him a little dry food before going onto the ferry.

Hope your trip goes ok :) How exciting! We're planning on taking our two down south later this year, early next.

28th April 2010, 10:52 PM
Happy Holidays...how exciting :)