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Margaret C
29th April 2010, 10:38 PM

There is a ruling on a complaint about Pedigree Dogs Exposed on Page 57. The complaint was not upheld.
The whole things makes very interesting reading as syringomyelia in Cavaliers features heavily in the complaint.

There is also has an interesting snippet for those following the inbreeding threads.....................

"The complainant had also argued that scientists have been unable to prove that SM was a genetic condition yet the programme had suggested that inbreeding was to blame and that this was a breach of the accuracy guideline.

The Committee noted that the programme clearly acknowledged there was no genetic marker for the disease but did indicate that inbreeding was a major problem.
The Committee noted what was said about the issue of genetics with regard to SM. The programme included this extract:

Speaker (at the veterinary conference on SM):
The number and the identity of the genes is unknown. We donít know if itís one gene orÖ.

The Committee also noted a number of references in the programme with regard to the problem of inbreeding. Firstly, the Committee noted what was said with regard to the increase in heart disease in CKCS.

Simon Swift (Cardiologist, University of Liverpool):
Itís probable that there were some dogs affected with this disease in maybe 1950s, 1960s and they were used extensively at stud Ö and some popular dogs sire a lot of puppies and so that way the disease can spread very rapidly.

The Committee also noted what geneticist, Professor Steve Jones said about inbreeding.

The first major cause of the problems, says leading geneticist Steve Jones, is that pedigree dogs are dangerously inbred.

Professor Steve Jones:
In dogs, things have gone completely out to lunch Ö I mean people are carrying out breeding which would be first of all entirely illegal in humans and secondly is absolutely insane from the point of view of the health of the animals

The Committee noted that the CKCS Club had adopted the ďSM Breeding ProtocolĒ which discourages the use of severely affected dogs in breeding programmes.
The Committee felt that, while the cause of the disease was not known, there was a broad consensus that inbreeding played a role in spreading SM.

The views of a number of well-qualified experts in their scientific fields interviewed in the programme supported the overall argument of the programme about the relationship between breeding practices and the health problems of pedigree dogs.

The Committee considered that the programme had demonstrated that the content was well sourced and based on sound evidence and concluded that there had not been a breach of the guidelines on accuracy in this instance

29th April 2010, 11:16 PM
Thanks for forwarding this link, Margaret. It is fascinating reading.

Cathy Moon
30th April 2010, 12:31 AM
Thank you for this link, Margaret.

I'm glad this was published.

This just confirms what so many already knew.

Hopefully the complainers will stop defending and complaining... and get to work on the problem at hand

30th April 2010, 01:28 PM
Thank you Margaret for the link to this article. It is very interesting.

30th April 2010, 01:58 PM
Thanks for the link, that made interesting reading. cl*p

1st May 2010, 09:46 AM
Thanks for the link, that made interesting reading. cl*p

I have just read the full Transcript of the Editorial Standards Findings ,Pages 55-66,about the Pedigree Dogs Exposed TV Program.

The only Comments I am going to make, are, that it is worth taking time to read this in full,also the ECU said that there was general recognition among Owners, Breeders, and Scientists that SM was a serious problem for CKCS and needed to be addressed.

That the the ECU also said that Reports Commissioned by the Animal Welfare Council ,the CKCS CLUB and the Animal Health Trust all start with the premise that SM is an Inherited Condition.

Finally the Committee felt that ,while the Cause of the Disease was not known ,there was a Broad Consensus that In-Breeding played a Role in Spreading SM.

All I can say is , that surely ,as Cathy mentioned in her Post, the time has come to move on, accept that the Cavalier Breed has a serious SM Problem, and try to discover the causes for it,and find the Faulty Gene/Genes that are involved.