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2nd May 2010, 10:30 PM
Nifa who is 6 has recently been diagnosed with dry eye is on optimmune and also on antibiotic drops . She also needs surgery on one eye due to the eyelid turning in and rubbing off her eye . These problems all literally appeared overnight , she woke up with a very sore eye one morning last week . I check their eyes every day as our first cav used to get the most alarming sore eyes all the time .
She has also been diagnosed with a heart murmer , very slight she had an ecg last year and she was clear then .
Her surgery is on thursday so needless to say I'm worried .
Any advice would be much appreciated .
She is such a sweetheart I get a kiss on the nose after i put the optimmune in and it must be sore . I know i hate putting anything in my eyes .

3rd May 2010, 11:46 AM
Sorry to hear this Mimi, what a worrying time for you :(

Dry eye can usually be managed very successfully - I'm sure once Nifa has recovered from her op she will feel better and her eyes will look better.

They do look a bit of a mess after that op - I have a photo somewhere which I'll try to look out for you, so you can be prepared.

Once her eye has settled after the surgery, then I found that Lacrilube lasts longer than other lubricants and is good for overnight - you can buy that from the chemist.

As you probably know, most Cavaliers do have a murmur by 5 years of age. It's really good that Nifa had an ECG, that also gives you a baseline measurement for future investigations. I know you will be worried about an anaesthetic with a murmur, but your vet will be very aware of this issue and they have very good anaesthetics now. They would not be going ahead if they were at all worried.

We will be thinking of you on Thursday :flwr:

Nifa is a lovely and very unusual name - does it mean something special?

3rd May 2010, 08:21 PM
Hi Nicki ,
Her eyes are clear now as I'm using all the drops etc , she is sore where the eyelid is turning in so I'm glad she doesnt have too much longer to wait . Nifa is the name she had when we bought her at 6 months , one of her breeders is Japanese and she picked it out , before we saw it in writing on her papers we thought it was naofa which is Holy in Irish . She was a holy terror as a puppy so it seemed appropriate .
She has such a gentle nature we hate to see her in pain .
She had an ECG last year as I was petrified when she was being spayed but thank god everything went perfectly .
Our vet is doing her eye with sedation and a local its a minor adjustment the eye is not too bad . he is also removing a tiny cyst from her other eye .
She is going to have a collar on to prevent her rubbing her eye off anything so it looks like I'll have a furry bunk mate for afew days .
thanks for the info it always helps to share .