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Kizzys Mum
5th May 2010, 08:56 PM
Edon is a 7 yr old ex stud dog cavalier. This truly scrumptious boy is very sweet and not as nervous as some but will still need lot of TLC and another dog to help his gain confidence and learn about living in a home.

Delrosa is a 6 yr old ex breeding female cavalier. Delrosa has been returned to her fosterer today due to a change in her owner's circumstances. She has been well loved and cared for and has progressed enormously in the home. She now enjoys walks on & off lead and adores other dogs of all shapes & sizes. She still needs some work with house training but this will come with time and patience. She's a dainty little girl who if not homed with Violet would love to share her new home with at least one other friendly dog.

Violet is a really sweet 5 year old ex-breeding cav . Violet has been returned to her foster home today due to a change in her owners circumstances. She has been well loved and cared for & has progressed enormously in the home. She loves her walks both on & off lead & is fully housetrained. She's a very pretty girl who is a bit bewildered to find herself here. She loves to sleep snuggled up to Delrosa so if not homed with her will really need the company of another dog in her new home.

Brad is a very pretty 20 week old cav puppy who was unsold by his breeder due to his heart murmur but don't let this put you off. At the moment Brad is very nervous and worried but despite this he does have a very waggy tail - although at the moment it's wagging between his legs. However he is accepting our gentle love and soft words which is helping him to build his confidence. Brad will need a home with another dog to help him overcome his fears and will be looked at by our vet regarding his heart murmur and we will access from there. (RESERVED)

Briar is our lovely 6 year old ex-breeding cav, who is looking for her best friend to come and take her to spend the rest of her life with. Briar is quite nervous and is known not to be good with children so we would like to find her a home with either older children or preferably without any. Briar would love a forever home who will give her lots of confidence and love. Also someone that will help her with house training and walking well on her lead.

Bobby-Jo is a very beautiful but worried 4 year old ex-breeding cav, who is looking for her special someone. Bobby-Jo is very nervous and extremely hand shy so she needs some extra special care. She is looking for a home where someone understands her fears and where someone is around to help her learn about all the new things in her life. She may also need help with house training and given lots of confidence to ensure her walking on a lead will lead her new and exciting things. Will you be the person who leads her that way? If so and you have another dog, understand her needs and that it may take time to gain her trust please complete the application form.

Frankie is a very dear 8 year old ex-stud cav who is looking for his forever extra special home. Frankie does have a high heart murmur and this will make the decision on whether we will castrate him or not as we don't want to put him under any threat through the anaesthetic. Despite this Frankie really does have a happy outlook on life and he will welcome your love and cuddles and would love you to take him home. Frankie is by donation only. (Fostered in Swansea)

Amber is a 5 year old cavalier who has come to us because her owner has died. She is very loving but hasn't lived in a house before and might need a little time to settle. She will also need another dog to help her find her feet.

(Fostered in Brean, Somerset)

Jenny is a 5 year old little cav. She is a very sweet girl who has been given to us by her breeder to find her forever home. Jenny has cherry eye which we will sort out when she is spayed. She is a gorgeous girl who will need help to learn how to walk on her lead. She will need another dog to live with to help her as she has not lived in a home before. She is very happy and at the moment and is exploring her new surroundings. She will need another dog in the home to help her turn into a lovely and loyal little girl! (Fostered in Port Talbot, West Glamorgan)

Jez is a lovely 4 year old ex-breeding cav in need of lots of love and care. She is slightly worried about being handled but is welcoming any love that she can take. She will need a lot of love and another dog to live with as she is very worried when on her own. Jez is a very sweet girly and wants nothing more than lots of cuddles and love. (Fostered in Malvern, Worcestershire) RESERVED


Kizzys Mum
9th May 2010, 11:11 AM
Tri male

Frazer is a sweetie, he is a 5yr old ex stud dog cavalier. This handsome boy knows how to walk on the lead and has been great with the dogs he has met here. He and would love to have a person, a dog friend and home to call his own. Being fostered in Canton, Cardiff.

Blen female

Dishy is a 4 year old ex-breeding cav, who will stare at you to make sure you notice her and give her lots of love and attention. This girl is very sweet and will need another dog to live with as she does need that support she can take from another dog. Dishy is such a lovely girl but may need help with house training and walking on her lead.

Tri female

Dainty is a very dainty little 2 year old ex-breeding cav. She is at the moment very worried and a tiny bit shell shocked with what is going on around her. Dainty really needs that extra loving care and once given this I really feel she will be such a strong character in your house and will be such a sweet happy girl!

Kizzys Mum
13th May 2010, 08:10 PM
Frazer, Dainty and Amber are reserved.
Dishy, Edon, Briar, Jenny and Jez are all still available.