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13th May 2010, 05:12 PM
Any good suggestions on how to help my little girl get over her fear of storms?
I sure don't get any sleep when this happens. Charlie could care less, he snores
right through it, but Penny just can't settle and has to be right against me, just
pushing, and won't lay still at all!

13th May 2010, 07:25 PM
If it's any time of the day besides bedtime you can play her favourite game or with a favourite toy. Maybe do a bit of training with Penny to distract her also. I think a bit of chicken or another tasty nibble dangling above her head while you ask her to do a few tricks might help her forget about the clang of thunder overhead.

As for bedtime, turn on some white noise such as a fan, or try soothing music (that helped a rescue dog we minded who was afraid of any kind of unusual noise, but the calm music soothed her-she particulary enjoyed O'Brother Where Art Thou :lol:). There's rescue remedy also, but I tried that with our anxious rescue and it didn't work on her. I've heard that putting a tight t-shirt on them does the trick, it's kinda like swaddling a baby. Just don't coddle her if anything at all. Distraction is key.
I feel for you, must be tough for everyone (except Charlie:wink:).

13th May 2010, 09:14 PM
I do use the fan (music would keep me awake anyway), rescue remedy, and a DAP plug-in. I haven't tried the t shirt though. I don't make any soothing noises, but I do let her cuddle close.

:( This is tough. I used to have a lab who was worse, and if I ignored him and plugged the pharamone in, it helped. Her not so much.