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16th May 2010, 12:18 AM
Hi there
im needing some advice or someones experience please as little Jelly has been nibbling & itching ever such a lot this week,i hasten to add its not at all like Rubys SM scratching.

Jelly was like this early April too & i took her to the vets where he said if it didnt stop he would do allergy testing & food elimination.She had her anal glands done then also as she was scooting quite often but has continued to do that,even the next day.She then got spayed at the end of april & her itching stopped until this week & the poor love has been tormented again.She will wake up from a nap, say on the sofa then jump down & start biting/nibbling her paws & tummy,vulva & the inside of her thighs,run along the side of the sofa & have her head between her legs really going at it,theres been small patches of fur on the carpet afterwards.

She was wormed & flead in April & flead again 2 days ago.There have been small pink spots on her tummy (as before) tho these have now gone to little dry patches.The other evening i wiped her tummy gently with a cool damp cloth & she was kicking me & i was really upset to see tears running out of her eyes:(

Tonight ive started her on a drop of Yumega Plus(for itchy & sensitive skin) oil in her dinner which i'll build up gradually.She has JWB biscuits mixed with JWB wet food plus a little bran for her dinner.

After reading another thread-Kimy27:) ive had a sniff of her to see but there is no smell around her vulva but she has made a dark pink sore just to the side.

The only difference i can work out is that when Jels got spayed she wasnt, of course, off chasing her ball/running thro long grass etc & this week she's gone back to running about playing again. So my instinct is saying its something thats touching her skin when she's out playing?
Also this is going on thro out the night & none of us are getting much sleep.

So please can we have any advice you might have? Im sorry its such a long post but ive tried to put as much info in incase something rings a bell with someone! Thank you for reading:smile:

PS. She's given herself a super brazilion in time for the bikini weather tho!!

16th May 2010, 01:18 AM
Poor girl! What food is she on? This sounds like a food allergy

16th May 2010, 01:40 PM
After reading your post it reminds me of what a friend of mine was going through with her westie. After a lot of tests at the vets it turned out he was allergic to grass seed. Hope you get this sorted soon it must be so uncomfortable for her

Kate H
16th May 2010, 08:52 PM
Quite a lot of Cavaliers seem to be allergic to grass seed - or even to couch grass. It sounds as if her really itchy places are where her feet and tummy would be in contact with grass, so might be worth looking into? Another possibility with itchy tummies is something that you're using in the house - perhaps something you use to wash the kitchen floor? Dogs can often be sensitive to the chemicals in cleaning materials, and it's the bare skin on their tummies that come into contact with the floor.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

17th May 2010, 03:31 AM
Hi there
She was ..... wormed & flead again 2 days ago.!

The flea stuff may no be working. Fleas develop immunity to the stuff. Our local fleas thought Frontline made Sophie taste even better. K9Advantix is slightly better, but ten days after putting it on (no baths for weeks, either!) she is still itching, biting, scratching, and yesterday I pulled a flea off her and killed it. She's highly allergic to the flea bites. Here we go again . . . last summer was pure h*ll and she stayed on Temaril-P until November. Might be some grass allergy also.:eek:

17th May 2010, 10:13 AM
If it were fleas or mites then I don't think it would have stopped following her spay - TBH it does sound like an allergy to grass seed/pollen.

It may stop in a few weeks as it can be only certain types of grass - I'm allergic to tree pollen, a few weeks ago if I was in the woods, I would get a runny nose and then be congested the rest of the day, but it's stopped now...

You may want to consider consulting an homoeopathic vet - they can be quite good at treating allergies.


Margaret C
17th May 2010, 11:04 PM
This may have been checked, but my first thought with terrible itchiness is always rabbit mite.
Some dogs can be driven mad while others in the household are completely unaffected.

Hope you soon get it sorted out.

30th October 2010, 07:30 PM
Tupup, did you ever find an answer? This sounds almost exactly like what Rose is going through. I also know that certain shampoos make her itch (washed her with an unscented glycerin bar soap and most of it cleared up almost immediately), but since hers is not fleas either, I'm suspecting the grass... She also had her anal glands expressed at the vet this week, though I'm hoping that this issue is related to a catepillar sting she had on her vulva (also swollen on one side, but you could see the stinger still in it. Several days Neosporin cream fixed it).

4th November 2010, 10:14 PM
Furrfoot we were back at the vets last night.We'd decided to wait til the end of the pollen season to see the difference however Jels is still scratching& nibbling her fur off, just not as much as the summer. Vet said there are still mould spores around in the damp weather & all the leaves plus house dust etc so we need a clear crisp spell to really make a comparison. Most frustrating for Jels & I tho' vet says she is comfortably living with it(allergies)& he sees dogs unable to live with it & bleeding raw:(

She's on no real treatment for it just now aside from her salmon oil & bionic biotic powder,I use a different flea treatment each time to lessen the chances of flea resistance.Anal glands done regularly& again last night at vets. This makes me wondere if the treatments she had during the summer (steroid jabs & piriton) really made any difference at the time.

PS:The grass in our local parks has been cut again this week which wont help.

5th November 2010, 07:13 PM
I'm sorry to hear you are still trying to find a solution :( . Rose is a lot better, now that we're about a week and a half out from having her anal glands done. I also discovered that a lot of it WAS the shampoos. And I tossed them before getting an ingredient list and seeing what was common between them that isn't in her new (6 ingredient) tearless shampoo. I guess I'll take a pic of the ingredient lists next time I go to the pet store. I really need to know what is in them that made her itch. She still itches at bit, but nothing like before. I am sooo hoping that it was "just" these two things, and Rose doesn't have to go through this again.

I hope you find a solution to Jelly's itchiness soon! Thanks so much for replying!